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The EPF passbook is a PDF document which is available online and contains the details of all the contributions done by the employee and their employer towards the EPF and EPS accounts.

Like a bank passbook, the EPF passbook has details of all the contributions done every month, along with interest, if any, to their EPF account of the beneficiary.

If an individual has more than one EPF account, they will contain a separate EPF member passbook or EPFO member passbook for every account. These EPF accounts could be accessed by the EPF member by logging into the EPFO member account.

EPF Passbook Online

Apart from the monthly EPF contribution details, the EPFO passbook also contains different employee details, such as their EPF account number, Establishment ID, Employer’s name, EPF scheme and pension scheme details, the EPF office details, and so on.

The employee also has the option to download the EPF passbook or the UAN passbook from the EPFO website. However, they must first activate their UAN or Universal Account Number. The EPFO assigns this UAN number to an employee. The employee can get the UAN either from their employer or in their monthly payslip. An employee can also visit the UAN portal to get their UAN. So now that you have your UAN number and an EPFO account, let us check out how to download EPF passbook.

How to download EPF passbook

An individual can easily view and download EPF passbook by logging into the EPFO website. Before that, the individual must first complete the following steps to view and do an EPF or UAN passbook download online.

  • The individual has to complete the UAN registration by going to the EPFO web portal to get the EPF passbook service.
  • The EPF passbook service will be available to the individual after six hours of completing the UAN activation or registration process. It takes six hours for any changes submitted on the EPFO portal to get updated on the system.
  • The passbook entries should be consistent in value with the one entered by the field offices of the EPFO.
  • Settled members, employees of Exempted Establishment, and inoperative EPF members are not eligible to get the EPF passbook or UAN member passbook service.

The passbook of EPF can be downloaded in the following steps:

Step 1: Visit the EPFO web portal.

Step 2: On the website, you will find an option ‘e-Passbook’ on the right side of the screen. Click on this option.

e passbook pf


Step 3: A new webpage will open, where you have to enter your UAN number, password and the Captcha code for verification.

uan passbook download

After you have entered the details, hit ‘Login’.

Step 4: On the new webpage, you will see your member ID. if you have multiple EPF accounts, then you will see all your member IDs displayed on this part of the webpage. Select on the appropriate member ID for which you want to download EPF passbook.

epf passbook download

Step 5: Once you click on the member ID, the EPF statement will appear on the screen, which will contain all the relevant details along with the monthly contribution done towards the EPF and EPS account.

download epf passbook

This EPF statement is commonly referred to as EPF passbook. You can download this passbook in PDF format, or you can simply take a printout of the same.

Details mentioned in the EPF passbook

The passbook contains the details as mentioned below:

  • Name of the member(employee) and Member ID
  • Employer name and Establishment ID
  • Name and type of the EPFO office
  • Employer’s and employee’s individual monthly contribution
  • Monthly withdrawal and depositary contribution by the employer and the employee
  • Monthly contribution as done towards the employee’s  EPS account
  • The statement also contains the date and time the passbook was printed. This detail is specified at the bottom of the passbook.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When does the EPF passbook get generated online?
    The EPF passbook gets generated in up to six hours after a successful UAN registration on the EPFO website.
  2. Who is eligible to download EPF Passbook?
    Only the registered EPFO members can avail the service to view and download their EPF passbook.
  3. Do the EPF passbook entries get validated by the EPFO?
    All the mentioned entries are reconciled in EPFO field offices and then updated on the EPF passbook.
  4. How much time will it take for the online updates to reflect on the EPF passbook?
    It will take approximately six hours for any changes or updates done on the EPFO portal to reflect on the EPF passbook.
  5. What is the file format in which the EPF passbook gets downloaded? Do you need a password to view the contents of the file?
    The EPF passbook is downloaded in the PDF format. It is not a password-protected document, so you can open the document without needing a password. Remember, your EPFO passbook login password is strictly confidential and must only be used while logging into the EPFO portal, nothing else.
  6. Who is not eligible to avail the e-passbook online service?
    The EPF passbook service isn’t available for every entity. The following category of entities or employees or members are not eligible for the EPF passbook online service:

    • Settled members
    • Inoperative members
    • Members of Exempted Establishment
  7. Can you access your passbook without the UAN?
    UAN is mandatory to log into the EPFO account, access the e-passbook, and download it. So, you must first register with your UAN number on the EPFO portal. And after six hours, you can access your EPF passbook.
  8. What to do if you forgot the EPF login password?
    If you forget the password, then you must go to the EPF unified member portal, select the reset password option and provide a new password for your EPFO account. Once you activate your new password, you will be able to log in again with the new password. With the simple steps mentioned above, you can view and download your EPF passbook from the EPFO web portal.

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