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For a company with 10 or 10,000 employees, connecting them and ensuring everyone enjoys working is essential. One way to do that is with engagement strategies. Coming up with challenges or engagement activities can be hard, but they are effective.

Employee engagement activities tend to have a significant impact on the general morale of a team and ensures they gel well together. They help in bonding and creating a more robust core who understand each other and work better.

Finding the right balance of employee engagement activities is crucial in helping companies come across as a fun place to work in.. Here are a few employee engagement activities for your company to try out and keep the energy levels up.

1. Untangle time

This is a great team-building activity for employees. It’s a super-fun and simple activity that promotes teamwork, communication and problem-solving. Everyone stands shoulder-to-shoulder in a circle and faces the centre.

Each player places their right hand in the centre and then must take the hand of someone who is across the circle. Then, each player places his left hand to the centre and takes the hand of another person. No one must hold the hand of a person standing next to them. They must then untangle each other.

This is a super small fun activity for employees as they will have a great time trying to figure out roles and effectively untangle themselves! The game generally brings out the child in people, and it’s the ideal activity for small teams who want to bond better together.

2. Truths and Lies

This is a fun activity where everyone can get to know each other. It’s a great exercise for a mid- to a large company where there are different departments working separately.

Bring everyone to the centre, sitting in a circle and instruct them to come up with two truths and one lie about themselves. They could write it onto a piece of paper and mark the lie and truths.

Then, the rest of the group has to try and guess which one of the pieces of information is lies and truth. Watch as they confer and have a fun time trying to conceal themselves in this fun and engaging activity.

3. Observation game

This is a nice and fun game to engage a team that’s stressed or drained. It is a good team-building activity for employees. Divide the team into two lines and have them face each other. Choose one team to go first and tell them to study the opposite line.

Then, they have to turn away while the second line makes changes like swapping jewellery, untying shoes, rolling up their sleeves and more.

Once time runs out, the first line needs to turn around and try to figure out the different changes that have been made. Once they’ve been made, roles can be switched.


This is another fun office game for employees to get to know each other. The only equipment needed in this game is a few pens, paper and some tape. Come up with different pairs – Yin/Yang, Salt/pepper, peanut butter/jelly etc. and write them on the paper

Make around 20 different pairs and once you’ve gathered a fair amount that’s equal to the number of people taking part, stick the paper to the back of each employee.

Participants have to ask Yes or No questions to try and figure out the word on their back and once done, and they also have to find the other member and sit together. While sitting, the “pairs” must learn a few interesting facts about each other.

To conclude –

Thus, these are just some of the activities for employee satisfaction in office. Everyday work can be hard and tiresome, and these activities act as a nice break in between. Choose from different styles of activities that can be easily arranged, so there’s no last-minute hassle.

These activities help in gauging employees and breaking the ice, especially if there are new joiners in the company. Have fun playing and building a strong team that has each other’s backs at all times!

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