Know about Employees Pension Scheme(EPS)

EPF pension scheme was launched by the government in 1995 and, hence, is also called the Employees Pension Scheme 1995. It includes both new as well as existing EPF members. The EPS pension scheme has certain arrangements in place if a member wants to withdraw pension funds.

What is EPS?

The EPS is a scheme by the Employee’s Provident Fund Organization (EPFO), which aims at social security. This scheme is for the pension of the employees working in the organized sector, after their retirement at 58 years. The advantages or benefits of this scheme are only to be availed if the employee has served for a minimum of (continuous or non-continuous) 10 years. EPS pension was made available from 1995 and later retained for existing and newly joined EPF employees since.

Eligibility criteria for EPS

To avail the benefits of pension under the Employee Pension Scheme, your employees should meet the following eligibility conditions. The individual should:

  • Be an EPFO member
  • Complete 10 years of active service along with equal years of active contribution towards the EPF pension Scheme
  • Be 58 years or above
  • Have attained at least 50 years of age to withdraw from the EPS pension  at a lower rate
  • Delay withdrawing the pension for by 2 years, i.e., till he or she is 60 years, to become eligible to get EPS pension at a rate of 4% annually

Different EPS and EPF pension types

As per the EPS pension scheme, an employer can provide different kinds of pensions to the employees. Here are some pension types:

Widow pension

Also known as Vridha pension, wherein, a widow of the deceased EPFO member is eligible for this pension. The pension is paid to the widow until her death or remarriage. In case of more than one widow, the pension value is paid to the oldest widow.

The amount for a monthly payout of the widow pension is calculated according to Table C of the Employees Pension Scheme 1995. As on date, the minimum pension amount has been increased to INR 1,000.

Child pension

Under child pension, If the EPS member is deceased, their surviving children become applicable to receive a monthly pension from the pension contribution in EPF. This is in addition to the widow pension to the deceased’s wife. The monthly payouts will be applicable until the child turns 25 years old. The pension can be paid to a maximum of two children and the payable amount is 25% of the widow pension amount.

Orphan pension

If the EPFO member dies and does not have any surviving widow, then his children are entitled to receive a pension under the orphan EPF pension scheme. Under this, the orphan or orphans receive 75% of the widow pension monthly.

Reduced pension

An EPF pension scheme member can withdraw early pension if he or she has attained the age of 50 but is less than 58 years old, and, if they have made an active pension contribution in EPF for 10 years or more. In such cases, the pension value is reduced to a rate of 4% per year until the employee reaches the age of 58 years.

For example: if an EPF pension member, who is 56 years of age, wishes to withdraw reduced pension monthly, then he or she will get the payouts at the rate of 92% of the original pension amount. It is calculated as 100% – (2*4) = 92%.

EPS Pension forms details

An EPFO member of the survivor has to fill various EPS forms depending on their eligibility criteria to avail the benefits of the Employees’ Pension Scheme.

Form 10C

The Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) is a retirement benefit as per the EPFO Act 1995, wherein, the member invests part of his salary every month and the employer makes an equal pension contribution in PF towards his/her EPS pension account. When a member switches jobs, he/she can transfer the EPF amount to a new account or withdraw the amount by submitting an EPS scheme certificate and filling the necessary EPS form. EPS Form 10C, however, can be used to withdraw the accumulated pension amount after a continuous service of 180 days and before the completion of 10 years of active service.

Form 10D

Form 10D is the general form that a member needs to fill to withdraw monthly pension after the age of 50 years. This EPS form can also be filled to withdraw monthly child pension and widow pension too.

Life certificate

Life certificate has to be submitted in November every year by the member or the beneficiary of the pension to certify that he or she is still alive. This form should be submitted in person by the beneficiary to the branch manager of the bank with the active pension account details.

Non-remarriage certificate

This form is a declaration that the widow/widower of the pensioner has not remarried. This declaration has to be submitted every year in November by the widowed individual. The widow will have to furnish this certificate once at the time of the commencement of the pension.

Pension benefits under EPS

Eligible EPS pension members can avail the benefits of the pension according to the age from which they start the withdrawals. For different cases, the value of the pension is also different.

Pension at 58 years

The member is eligible for the benefits of pension after his/her retirement, that is, after 58 years of age. However, for this, they should have compulsorily made an active pension contribution in EPF for 10 years, at least, before their retirement to avail the pension benefits. Post-retirement, the EPS pension scheme certificate gets generated. This certificate is required to fill up form 10D to withdraw the pension monthly.

Pension on discontinuing service without fulfilling the criteria

If the member discontinues service or is unable to stay in duty for 10 years prior to 58 years of age, he/she could withdraw the entire amount once they attain 58 years of age by furnishing form 10C.

Pension on absolute disablement

If the EPFO member becomes completely and permanently disabled, then he/she is qualified to receive monthly pensions, irrespective of them not having served the minimum service period required to get monthly pensions. Their employer must deposit EPF minimum pension funds into their EPF account for a minimum of  1 month for them to become eligible for this pension.

A member can avail the pension benefits monthly from the very date of disablement and get paid for his/her lifetime. But, the member has to take a medical test to ascertain that he/she is not fit for the work that they were doing before getting disabled.

Pension if the member is deceased

The family of the EPFO member becomes eligible to receive the EPS pension (or, EPF pension) in the below-mentioned cases:

  • If the EPFO member dies after the commencement of monthly pension
  • If the EPFO member dies before the age of 58 but has completed the 10 minimum years of active service contribution
  • If the member dies in the service duration and the company or employer has deposited pension funds in the members EPF account for a minimum of 1 month

The process to check EPS balance

Here are the steps that’ll help you check your EPS balance.

Step 1: Visit the official EPFO portal

Step 2: Under the  Services” dropdown menu in the top left corner click on For Employees

check EPS balance

Step 3: Then click on “Member Passbook” under Services

employee pension scheme

Step 4: On the member passbook portal click on the “Login” button after entering your UAN, password, and solving captcha.

EPS Portal

Step 5:Select Member Id” from the dropdown and click on the “View Passbook” button on the right to display all the pension contributions by the employer till date and the total EPS balance. Alternatively, you can download a PDF version of the same by clicking on the “Download Passbook” button.  

EPS calculation

Calculation of EPS

The monthly EPS or pension amount an employee receives after retirement is based on the pensionable service and pensionable salary. It is calculated as per the following formula:

Member’ Monthly Salary = (Pensionable Salary*Pensionable Service)/70

Pensionable Salary: The average monthly salary received by an individual in the last 60 months, before he/she decides to exit the Employees’ Pension Scheme.

Pensionable Service: It is the service period — or the duration of employment — of an individual. It is calculated as the total of service periods under different employers. In the event of a job switch, the individual must obtain an EPS Scheme certificate and hand it over to the new employer.

As mentioned earlier, this pension fund can be withdrawn prematurely, but only after the employee has served a term of ten non-continuous years of service. This fund is taxable, and various tax benefits can be availed on the consolidated amount.

The two scenarios of EPS withdrawals

There are two cases under which you can withdraw your pension amount.

  • For service exceeding 10 years

In this case, an individual can withdraw pension fund by filling Form 10C.

  • For service not exceeding 10 years

There are a couple of points to remember for such a case:

  1. The pension fund can be withdrawn on the EPFO portal via Form 10C
  2. The percentage of pension amount that can be withdrawn depends on the number of years of service
  3. The individual’s UAN must be linked with KYC on the portal

For this case, service cannot be more than 10 years. For this too there are different scenarios. If an individual is still in service and hasn’t completed 10 years, EPS amount cannot be withdrawn. The pension amount can only be encashed during the interval between the exit from one service and the beginning of a new service.

Features of the EPS

  • EPS is an initiative of the Indian government, therefore, the returns are guaranteed; investing in this scheme does not involve any risks. The amount to be returned is fixed and there will be no changes.
  • For employees earning Rs 15,000/- or less each month, it is mandatory to enrol in the scheme.
  • In case of the EPFO member’s widower/widow getting remarried, the pension amount is to be left to the children who will be categorised as “orphans”.
  • Employees enrolled in the EPF pension scheme are automatically enlisted in the EPS scheme.
  • Rs 1000/- is the minimum pension amount that the individual will receive.

In conclusion

Employees Pension Scheme and Employees Provident Funds are two great instruments to deposit and save your money for a better future. These tools also help you save taxes on the interest earned. A few important points to remember are:

  • The employer makes all the contributions to the Employees Pension Scheme account
  • The employer contributes 8.33% of the employee’s pay towards the EPS, which includes the basic and the dearness allowances
  • The employer has to contribute the amount in the first 15 days of the month
  • All applicable costs of the contribution must be borne by the employer
  • To avail the pension benefits, the individual should be in active service for a minimum of 10 years, which also includes the same number of years of active contribution towards the EPS
  • If an individual has not finished 10 years but has completed a minimum of 6 months of service, he or she could withdraw the EPS pension amount if they are unemployed for 2 or more months
  • As per the EPS pension scheme, the retirement age is fixed at 58 years
  • The employee is no longer a member of the pension fund when the employee starts availing reduced EPS pension benefits or after reaching the individual’s lifetime of 58 years

For more information on anything related to EPF pension and EPF pension, subscribe to our blogs as we will share the latest EPFO pension news regularly.

Employee Pension Scheme (EPS): FAQs

  • What is the maximum EPS contribution?

EPS is calculated as 8.33% of basic. There is an INR 15,000 the basic salary so the maximum EPS contribution by the employer will not exceed INR 1,249.5.

  • For a case where both parents have passed away is the dependent child entitled to the pension?

Pension is paid to the dependent child as an orphan pension which is 75% of the pension that would’ve been paid to parents.

  • How is EPS transferred online?

With the help of the Composite Claim Form. An individual must apply for EPF transfer during a job change via the EPFO portal.

  • Is the employee holding the EPS account the only beneficiary?

No. In the absence of the employee, the amount can be claimed by dependants.

  • Who falls under the the ‘dependants’ category for pension benefits?

In the absence of the individual holding the EPS account, the spouse or children can claim the amount. For a case with no spouse/children, the amount can be claimed by the nominee declared by the individual. For no nominee, pension amount will go to the individual’s parents.

Latest news on EPS (Employee Pension Scheme)

You Can Now Get EPF Scheme Certificate on UMANG App

October 01: Introduction of the UMANG App (The Unified Mobile Application for New-age Governance) is a huge relief to EPF subscribers as it enables them to access various EPF services effortlessly. The Labour Ministry stated that, out of the 47.3 crore hits gained by the app since August 2019, 41.6 crore (88%) were for the EPFO services.

Along with the existing 16 services, EPFO recently introduced a new app feature enabling the members to apply for the Scheme Certificate under Employees’ Pension Scheme, 1995. The Scheme Certificate is provided to existing and active EPFO members who wish to withdraw their contribution but desires to retain their membership with EPFO. The certificate primarily focuses on the members who want to avail pension benefits. The Scheme Certificate assures that the member’s prior pension benefits are added to the pension service rendered with the new employer. Nominees can use the certificate to claim the family pension in case of the untimely demise of the contributor.

Update Jeevan Pramaan Patra And Other EPF Services via UMANG App

August 13: EPFO allows pensioners to access 16 different services via the UMANG app. The services include EPS passbook, life certificate (Jeevan Praman Patra) etc. The UMANG app has made the EPF related services much more hassle-free as it allows users to access all services from their mobile phones itself.

Newly added features such as updating Jeevan Pramaan Patra and EPS passbook has got great feedback from the existing members. “To ensure the safe and secure delivery of its services at the doorsteps on its 66 lakh pensioners, EPFO brought the facility of ‘View Pensioner Passbook’ as well as the updation of Jeevan Pramaan Patra on UMANG app,” stated EPFO.

As per the EPFO records, the ‘View Pensioner Passbook’ service alone has received about 29,773 API hits, while 29,773 hits recorded for the updating Jeevan Pramaan Patra service, from April to July 2020.

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  1. comment-author
    Krishna Prasad

    I want to know how to track my EPS of previous employer.
    Previous employer closed his business.
    I had completed more than 10 year service, but don’t know the date of joining and date of leaving. I worked in another state.
    I had withdrawn my of amount, but not eps amount. Kindly guide me regarding this.
    Presently my age is 45.

  2. comment-author
    Rishabh Ranjan

    Hi Krishna,

    Since you withdrew your PF, you must be aware of your UAN. Please log into EPFO member passbook portal ( with your UAN and password to get details of EPS contributions made by your ex-employer in the duration of your employment. If contributions have been made, you can visit the EPFO portal and withdraw the EPS amount online. To know More Read this Article.

  3. comment-author
    Pardeep kumar

    I have transfer my Pf amount to my new UAN account. But i don’t seen my EPS amount in my new UAN account. What can i do?

  4. comment-author
    Chandra Kumar Saxena

    I m getting a fixed amount under eps95 for last 13years. How far it is justified. Will it ever increase?.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Chandra,

      As per the EPF rule, employer must contribute 12% of basic towards your PF. Out of this 12%, 8.33% goes to your pension account, while the rest (3.67%) is diverted towards your PF account. Please note that for the EPS contribution there is a cap of INR 15,000 for the basic salary placed by the EPFO. So, for a salary with basic more than INR 15,000, the maximum EPS contribution by the employer can only be INR 1,250. So, to answer your question, if your basic salary is more than INR 15,000 the EPS amount will be the same for the rest of the duration you’re employed i.e. INR 1,250. If it’s less than INR 15,000 EPS will be calculated accordingly i.e. 8.33% of your employer’s PF contribution.

  5. comment-author

    In last 10 years I worked In different companies & having different UAN Number
    I want to know can i eligible for pension

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Shaik,

      According to the EPF Act, having more than one UAN is against the rules. So you must deactivate your old UAN and only hold on to the current one. Also, the funds must be transferred to the member ID linked to your current UAN.

      There are two ways you can go about deactivating your old UANs. To know how, please check our blog on UAN.

      As for your other query about eligibility, yes you’re eligible to receive EPS and (PF) contribution, if you’re employed by a firm that has more than 20 employees. If by ‘eligibility’ you meant withdrawal of your pension fund then you can do that as well. EPS withdrawal is allowed if you have served less than 10 years. In such a case you must be unemployed for atleast a month to withdraw the funds. In the other case where EPS funds can be withdrawn for a service period of more than 10 years, then you shall be provided a pension certificate which disrburses your pension amount upon retirement. To know more about your eligibility I suggest give this blog on EPS a thorough read.

  6. comment-author
    Harsha Jumnani

    Hi Rishabh,

    I have transferred my previous pf balance to my current UAN but pension amount is not transferred and claim has comments as service period transferred.

    Please advise if I can withdraw pension of my previous UAN, my service rendered is less tha 10 yrs and age is 32.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Harsha,

      As part of transfer from previous employer to current employer, PF accumulations with interest will get transferred, w.r.t pension the service will be transferred. Since employee is in employment he cannot withdraw the pension amount.

  7. comment-author

    My services is17years,I have widraw my EPF from Jan 2003to Dec 2009 that time not UAN number.from.March 2010 my EPF and EPS start with UAN pension contribution stopped at 2018 because my age is 58 yes but my services is continuing at 60 yrs .Can I get pension? .Total my services is17years yrs

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Kazi,

      You’ve mentioned that EPF was withdrawn for the period Jan 2003 to Dec 2009 and missed out EPS. In case if your pension has not been withdrawn, but has been transferred during March 2010 when you joined service under the new employer then you’re eligible to avail monthly pension. This is because you have more than 10 years of contribution towards pension fund.”

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi D. chandra Shekhar,
      Please use the following formula to calculate your monthly pension:
      Member’s monthly pension amount = (Last drawn Pension wage * no. of years of service) / 70

    2. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi D.Chandra Shekhar,

      Pension contribution under EPF-95 by employer is 8.33% of the basic. An INR 15,000 cap has been placed on the basic salary by the EPFO which means that the maximum an employer can contribute towards your pension fund is INR 1,249.5 even if your basic salary is above INR 15,000. If basic is below INR 15k, pension contribution is 8.33% of your actual basic. Here are a few examples of the pension contributions based on different basic salaries that should answer your question.

      a. If basic is INR 17,000, employer’s contribution towards your pension fund will be 8.33% x 15,000 (capped) = INR 1249.5
      b. If basic is INR 16,000, employer’s contribution towards your pension fund will be 8.33% x 15,000 (capped) = INR 1249.5
      c. If basic is INR 15,500, employer’s contribution towards your pension fund will be 8.33% x 15,000 (capped) = INR 1249.5
      d. If basic is INR 15,000, employer’s contribution towards your pension fund will be 8.33% x 15,000 (capped) = INR 1249.5
      e. If basic is INR 14,000, employer’s contribution towards your pension fund will be 8.33% x 14,000 = INR 1166.2
      f. If basic is INR 12,200, employer’s contribution towards your pension fund will be 8.33% x 12,200 = INR 1016.26

  8. comment-author
    Kamal jit saini

    Sir, I joined pvt. Ltd. Concern on 8thjan.1992. also my retirement on 31th march 2023. How much amount of pension earned at that time.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hello Kamal,

      Calculation of Pension is (Last drawn Pension wage * no. of years of service) / 70 with additional bonus (if any) when computed by the PF department pension cell.

  9. comment-author
    Rajshekhar M. Jojan

    I have taken VRS at 51 years of my adge, I worked 26 years in a company , when I get pention& how much.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hello Rajshekhar,

      Since you have contributed towards PF and Pension for more than 10 years, you’re eligible for Pension only when you attain 58 years of age. Only those individuals can opt for reduced pension once who have attained 50 years of age.

      To calculate your pension, use the following formula:

      Member’s monthly pension = (Last drawn Pension wage * no. of years of service) / 70 with additional bonus (in any) This is how the PF department pension cell calculates it.

  10. comment-author

    My name D.Ravichandran. my account no.TN/***/000****/***/000****. I got retired on 30.11.18.Though my employer Tcmpf LTD sent my paper for pension to epf , I have not received my pension till today even after 18 months.Pl.arrange to release my pension at least now in particular during on going crucial period.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hello D. Ravichandran,

      Thanks for sending in your question. Before I get to the answer, I strongly suggest you not to share your personal or financial information here, on any public forums online, or with anyone at all henceforth.

      As for your answer, the PF claim process is different from that of a pension claim. In your case, contact either the employer or the PF Office in Ambattur, Chennai. Please keep your pension form submitted acknowledgement ready when doing this. However, if you do not have pension form submitted acknowledgement, then you can provide your UAN or PF Number at the PRO Counter who can check and provide the status of your pension.
      Hope it helps.

  11. comment-author
    Amit Kumar Ghosh

    I have continued my service in different forms for 16 years and transferred my old of account by last employer to new pf account, which was in Hyderabad. Now I have left private sector to join govt sector in West Bengal. I have withdrawn my PF balance successfully by online application in UAN site as KYC and bank account was already updated in site. But, online I am not able to withdraw EPS contribution as I have worked more than 10 years. But, I am not able to apply for EPS certificate in that site. Now how could I apply for the same? Whether I have to apply manually? Whether I have to apply in EPFO branch of Hyderabad or I can apply in any EPFO branch in India?

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hello Amit,

      Since you have contributions for more than 10 years, you’re eligible for the pension benefit. You need to apply for a scheme certificate by submitting the physical Form 10C. In the form, tick the ”Yes” checkbox for “8. Are you willing to apply for Scheme Certificate” and also enter the nominee details below it.

      Alternatively, you can also try submitting the pension form in Form 10C by selecting the same option after logging in with your UAN and password online. Please go through our blog on Form 10C, which contains complete information about the form, the online process to fill it, and the download link for a physical copy of Form 10C.

      Please note that offline pension form needs to be submitted at the PF office in Hyderabad.

  12. comment-author
    Harikumar P

    I was working with Star Health & Allied Insurance Co. HQ at Chennai. I joined the company in Aug retirement was on 30/11/2016 at the 60th age.
    I received a lump sum as PF deposited within 1 month of retirement. But I didn’t received the PF pension or the PF fund. The contributions are deposited at Chennai office of Epfo. Can you give an idea to have the pension.Nor my employer or the PF officials responded to my queries

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Harikumar,

      You have already withdrawn your PF dues post-retirement. Now, in order to avail the pension benefits you need to apply with the EPS Application in Form 10D along with your bank account details, and submit it at the PF office in Chennai through your employer.

  13. comment-author
    Om chawla

    Hi good afternoon. My wife is working with Pvt school in the capacity of accts assistant since 84. Her basic salary is 15000. The contribution is same as clarified in the mail above.
    She will retire in the month of February 23.
    May I know how much pension she will get after retirement.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Om,

      Since her retirement is on 02/2023 ascertaining the exact pension she will get is impossible as of now because the government policy might change. However, an employee with more than 25 years of service will get 50% of basic salary as monthly pension.

  14. comment-author

    Retired 2011 March. My basic 20000
    25 years contribution done.
    Presently I am getting pension Rs.1724.
    Any revision in my pension.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi R.Devarajan,

      Till the year 2014, the pension wage was INR 6500. As the age of the member increases, there will be a marginal reduction in monthly pension pay out. The pensioner can contact the respective PF office to get clarity.

  15. comment-author

    Hi this is dilshad my papa received for month monthly pension but still now we not received arrear please tell me when receive arrear

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Dilshad,

      The pensioner needs to approach the respective PF office with Pension Payment Order (PPO) or the PPO Number.

  16. comment-author
    Amit Kumar Chakraborty

    I going to retirement on Nov’20 and will be complied 24 years service what will be my pension amount
    Further I am working at Hyderabad after retirement I will shift to Delhi,

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Amit,

      An employee who has served for more than 25 years will get 50% of basic salary as monthly pension. Pension is calculated in using the following formula:

      Pension Amount = (Last Drawn Pension wage* No. of years of service) / 70

      The pension amount will also include bonus (if any) as per government guidelines.

  17. comment-author
    इलियास beg

    Dear sir my joining 30 nov1992 and we left my job 31dec 2018
    My last basic salary 13900
    Please calculate my pension 0n 58 year s my dbt 25 Oct 1969

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi इलियास beg,

      The pension is calculated in the following manner:

      Last Drawn pension * No. of years of service/70.

      In your case, the approximate monthly pension will be INR 4,964. However, this amount is subject to change as you’re yet to attain the pension age which is 58 years.

  18. comment-author

    I have transfered my pf amount via uan online claim. But my eps amount transfer did not happen. How to transfer eps from my previous company to current company?

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Mahanth,

      EPS amount is also transferred along with EPF. However, the pension is calculated on the basis of service and the amount will not reflect in the e-passbook.

  19. comment-author
    Shafi Mulla

    I am getting Rs. 807/ – pension every month. Family pension __ for the last several years. Is there any possibility of increase in the amount looking at the Covid-19 situation? Bare amount of Rs. 807/- is very negligible for a family of two persons who are SR. Citizen.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Shafi,

      Pension is derived based on the service of employee and last drawn pension wage. For further queries regarding, I suggest you to contact the respective PF office.

  20. comment-author
    Dadul Bhorali

    From 2009 to 2011 and 2011 to 2013 I have worked in two different companies and I had withdrawn my pf amount from both the company . And from 2014 to 2020 I have been working in two another company . The last two companies have my same UAN number . And I have not withdrawn or transferred my money to another account in 2nd case . My total service period is 11 years but with same UAN number my service period is six and half years. What should be the eligible criteria for EPS in my case ?

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Dadul,

      Service cannot be counted if PF and Pension amount is withdrawn. Need more clarity regarding withdrawal for Pension fund contribution between the period 2009 to 2013. If the pension fund has been withdrawn, you are not eligible for pension benefits.

  21. comment-author
    Dadul Bhorali

    What should be the eligible criteria for EPS , 10 years in same organisation or 10 years with same UAN number ?

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Dadul,

      The criteria is that the total service should be at least 9-and-a-half years either with the same employer or with multiple employers (provided that the pension contributions are transferred to the latest employer).

  22. comment-author
    KP Noushad

    I joined a firm on Feb 2019 and they created an EPFO account for me. And my EPFO passbook showing that my contribution and the employer contribution are getting updated on the account properly. But I can’t see any part of the contribution is going to the pension plan(EPS). Do I have the eligibility to join the pension plan? Is there any law/criteria that restricting an EPFO member from joining the pension plan? If yes what I should do to sort it out? the court has banned the 2014 amendment right?

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi KP Noushad,

      Since your PF wage is above INR 15,000 you’re not eligible for pension benefits. As for the law, both employee and employer contributions will go towards PF. This is w.e.f 1st Sep, 2014.

  23. comment-author

    The article was helpful in understanding p.f withdrawals. I’ve a personal doubt and would be much obliged with your response. I had completed 15 years of service and resigned. Now, I’m 50 years old and had withdrawn an advance on my Pf. I want to withdraw my balance Pf in full. But, being over 50 yrs now, is it advisable to take an early pension withdrawal. If so, will that pension be limited only to the pension contributions on my Pf account or would it last life long?

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Sugavaneswaran,

      Employees can apply for complete PF withdrawal online. In your case, since you have not attained 58 years of age, you can opt for reduced pension at the age of 50 where the pension will be issued till the very end.

  24. comment-author
    Sherin Rajan

    I have joined 1 company on 2017, they are contributed only to EPF, not to EPS. i have checked that in the EPFO site. they put all employer contribution in EPF. In 2019 i have joined another company, they are paying towards EPS. so will it consider my service experience from 2017 for EPS pension or it will start only from 2019

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Sherin,

      Since the pension contribution started in 2019, the service experience towards pension will be counted from 2019 onwards.

  25. comment-author

    I have worked 2 years with previous employer but only 2 months for current employer. I have already left the both services. But when i am applying for 10c get rejected always.
    How i can withdraw my money of pension fund.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Prince,

      You haven’t specified Form 10C was rejected.for which of the two employers.

      Since you haven’t mentioned transfer status and details of PF withdrawal, I suggest that you visit the PF office with the proof of rejection of Form 10C in order to understand the reason for rejection and resubmit the form in order to claim your pension dues.

  26. comment-author
    G K Pasayat

    I was working in sail now I am getting pension 2100.will I get benefits from eps95 pension scheme .I retired on 2014march

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi GK Pasayat,

      Details such as your Date of Birth, Date of Joining, and Last drawn Pension wages are required for me to address your query. My best guess is that you will be drawing a monthly pension under the EPS 1995 Scheme.

  27. comment-author
    Sunil Shirolkar

    Dear sir,
    I am Sunil Shirolkar. Worked from April 1983 to mar 2005 – 22 yrs EPF member. Withdrawn PF. Now applied for pension after completing 58. It’s pending with PF office in Pune. My question is how much pension I may get? My last 12 month basic at that time was Rs. 6500. I.e 8.33% – 541.50. For EPS service is calculated from 1995 or will they consider service from 83?
    Please advise.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Sunil,

      You will be eligible for pension, and service will be considered from your date of joining which is Apr 1983. The approximate amount of pension you will receive is around INR 2,050.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Rahul,

      Pensionable salary is the average of the Basic Salary + DA combined that is drawn in the last 60 months.

  28. comment-author
    Bal Krishan Puri

    Dear Sir
    I would like to ask that I have worked in a company from Sep-1989 to Nov-2002 that means for over 12 years whether I am eligible for pension under EPS or not.
    Since the EPS is applicable from Sep -1995 and I have worked 6 six years before applicability of EPS scheme but during this period PF and EPF were being deducted from my salary and were deposited by my employer in PF authority. Will this period from 1989 to 1995 will be accounted for the purpose of pension computation. I would also inform you that EPF has not been withdrawn by me.
    My Date of Birth is 08-11-1952
    I have old PF number when manual records were maintained.
    I have 13 years of job in continuity in one company.
    Can you please guide me what should I do. ??

    Best Regards
    Bal Krishan Puri
    Kothi No 352

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Bal Krishan,

      I suggest you claim your PF immediately if you haven’t withdrawn it(Know how to withdraw PF). As for the pension, since your contribution towards EPS is only for 6 years — which is less than 10 years — you can get the pension claim as a one-time settlement, just like PF.

  29. comment-author
    Arun Kumar

    I have worked in differet company as of now from may1997 to sep2009.. more than 12yrs i claimed my portion pf amount and got pf pension cerificate… there was no UAN on that time… now i m working in different company nov 2009 onwards… now i m having uan no… how i linked both? kindly request you to help n clear my query… Thx

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Arun,

      In your case, since you’re holding the Pension Scheme Certificate, you need to surrender it to the current employer’s PF office with a request letter stating that you wish to continue the service under the pension scheme.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Vinod,

      An employee with a pensionable service exceeding 10 years can apply for pension. As for the PF, the interest will get accumulated until you decide to withdraw the PF dues.

  30. comment-author

    Sir, I retired in 2012 at my 50th year and got scheme certificate from Bangalore EPFO. As per the scheme certificate, my pensionable salary is 6500 and service years are 20 years 4 months. Next month, I will be completing 58 years. My question is whether I can apply for pension from Coimbatore EPFO ( Tamil Nadu) for the past 20 years. What would be my pension. Kindly clarify. Regards. Prakash.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Prakash,

      You need to apply for pension through the PF office which issued the scheme certificate as the service details are maintained by them. Once the pension process is completed, the pension will be disbursed from Tamil Nadu EPFO into the bank account that you have submitted.

  31. comment-author

    I have completed my 6 years of service and my age is I want to know money transferred into EPS is for 10 years only
    It will be continue deduction of 1250 till my age 58.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Nitesh,

      EPS contributions continue until the member attains 58 years of age. In case you leave the present company and join another, the PF and pension dues must be transferred to the latest employer( Know how to transfer the PF). You must also declare that you hold pension membership in order to ensure that pension contributions continue.

  32. comment-author

    Sir I am working in a firm for 3 years and 2 basic salary was 14000 and I left my job on 20feb 2020 and still I am unemployed.i submit my form 10c after 2 month .my claim was settel on 21 june.but problem is that my passbook pension contribution is 39892 but my claim is settel only 25181. When I communicate with pf officer ,they wrote me according to EFPS 1995 and table D ,your claim amount is ok from overside .But according to table d after 3 year of service contribution should be 2.98 multiple of basic basic is 14000 so tell me why they approved less amount and what I should do to recover my remaining amount which is approx 15000 .please help me

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Rafeek,

      As wage details, Non-Contributing Period (NCP details) are not mentioned, suggest you to approach the PF office Public Relation Officer (PRO) along with details of your EPS settlement and the e-passbook with the total amount of pension contribution in order to get more clarity.

      FYI – The settlement of the pension amount is based not only on the contributions made. It also considers the Pension Table and the Non Contributory period while calculating the pension

  33. comment-author
    J madhusudhan Rao

    I have worked in first company for 10yrs(1984-1995) while joining the second company i withdraw the pf amt and the took the scheme certificates. for second company i worked for 18yrs 8months(1995-2014) and withdrawn the pf amt and took the scheme certificates for the second company also before joining the third company there was a gap of 6 months and joined the third company after 6months and worked for 5 years(2014 nov-2019sep)and got retired. my doubt is

    1)Is my total service eligible for pension
    2) totally i have 4 pf nos
    3) 3 pfnos are linked to UAN no
    4) first 2 companies worked are in Hyd and the last company is in Gujarat so where i have to apply the pension in Hyd or Gujarat.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Madhusudhan,

      Yes, you are eligible provided that the scheme certificate is surrendered by an employee to the latest employer’s PF office in writing. You also need to apply for a pension through the last company’ PF office which is Gujarat.

  34. comment-author

    my name i s Rinkul current salary 23000/- but pf dedution in 15000/- basic amt. I have completed 8.5 years
    But I want to know about my pension will be get 58 years leter.

    one thing pesnion schem me jana accha hey ya nahi. woh muje sirf bataie . aur pension ka ek calclulation muje bataie pl z sir

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Rinkul,

      You are eligible for the pension once you attain 58 years of age. Suggested you to continue with the pension scheme as it has many benefits for both employee as well nominees in case of employee’s demise.

  35. comment-author
    Lakshmi Narayanan G.

    This is Lakshmi Narayanan G.
    My query

    I worked 1990 Match to 2000 Sep ,for which I got 10 yrs. EPS Certificate & I trfd. EPF along with EPS.
    then served another company from sep 2000 to sep 2004.then I closed my EPF .
    Next from Aug 2006 to Jan 2019 worked with other company. Now my age is 55..
    What is my Pensionable period ?..

  36. comment-author

    my service is only 9 years in a factory now i claimed for epf pension but they rejected me 10 years not completed. the factory was lockt out what can i do for my pension any suitable way to get my pension now i crossed my retirement age applied for pension

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi G S LAKSHMI,

      Since you have contributed for 9 years you’re not entitled to pension benefits. In this case, you need to apply for pension withdrawal by submitting Form 10 C through after logging in with your UAN on EPFO.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi G Sree Lakshmi,

      An employee who completes contribution for more than 9.5 years will become eligible for drawing a monthly pension. In your case, even though 10 years hasn’t been completed you can apply for both PF and Pension withdrawal.

  37. comment-author

    Any Employee is Eligible for 2-Pensions if he done the job in 2 different organisations more than 10years on each organisation…can you suggest

  38. comment-author
    Meena Sardar

    I am not having cordial relations with my management but I’m having pension certificate so will I get my pension which I am due for

  39. comment-author
    Rajat Rakhit Mishra

    One of my colleague has joined Eps on 2011 and retired on 2020 at the age of 60. Wheather he is eligible to get pension or not?

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Rajat,

      You are eligible for pension only if you have 10 years of contribution and the pension benefit can be availed once you attain 58 years of age.

  40. comment-author
    Balchand Bhole

    I think, as per new rule, pensionable service is last 60 months average salary & not 12 months.
    Further, service benefit before November 1995 is also considered, who have served before November 1995.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Balchand,

      You are correct, as per the latest update provided by the EPFO, pensionable salary will be based on the last 60 months’ average pay subject to a cap of INR 15,000. Furthermore, to address service benefit, employee Date of joining and Date of Leaving will be required.

  41. comment-author
    Mangat Ram

    Hello Rishabh,

    I have worked in multiple companies in past 9 years. Each time I switch comp., I transfer my PF to new organisation. However in my latest PF passbook, I don’t see the EPS fund added from my previous companies.

    My query is do I have to follow some other process to get my EPS fund transferred to current company or it will be automatically transferred when I raise a claim for EPF. What can I do to check my accumulated sum for EPS for the last 9 years.


    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Mangat,

      Since pension is a defined benefit, during the transfer process along with PF dues, pension also gets transferred in the form of service. To check the same you can check under Service History by logging in with your UAN.”

  42. comment-author

    I have worked in a company for 9 year 8 month 13 day and left the company, my settlement are done but I am unable to withdraw my pension amount, so is there any criteria to withdraw my pension amount or I have to wait for till 58 of age.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Mohibul,

      Since you have contribution for more than 9.5 years, you are eligible for pension benefits. You need to submit Form 10C to EPFO for obtaining scheme certificate. Once obtained you can opt for reduced pension once attaining 50 years of age or you can opt for full pension upon attaining 58 years of age.

  43. comment-author
    A V Kulkarni

    Pensionable salary is average of last 60 months(not 12 months) salary subject to a cap of 15000/-
    Please check

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi A.V Kulkarni,

      You are correct, as per the latest update provided by the EPFO, pensionable salary will be based on the last 60 months’ average pay subject to a cap of INR 15,000.

  44. comment-author
    N. Kumar

    Contributed continuously from 1988 /1995 till reaching age of 60. However, considered only 2 years weightage period. Deferred pension of 2 years not considered. How to claim?

  45. comment-author

    Sir, in my pension payment order, the date of birth is entered wrong and date of cessation is also recorded wrong. I worked from 1981. My job is transferable in nature. Each time when i was transfered i submitted 13a form, and got my new pf account number. But my service past 15/11/95 is recorded as 6 years and after 15/11/1995 as 7 years considering 2002 as my date of retirement. My actual date of birth is 13/08/1945 , as such my date of retirement falls on 08/2003. Also my salary at the time of 15/11/95 is recorded wrongly instead of 12500 and my salary at the time of cessation is recorded as 5000 instead of 26,522. How to correct the errors and get justice? Kindly guide me.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Krishnamohan,

      You need to visit the PF office which issued the Pension Pay Order along with the necessary proofs for the date of birth and the wages that you have mentioned.

  46. comment-author
    Sayed Jameer

    11 years i work for single private compy and they have deducted my 82,000 as my pension amount.
    My basic is 15000 now, if i retired now with age 58 then how much pension amount i will get on monthly basis pls tell me sir….

  47. comment-author

    Hi my name is Naresh my father has retired recently so he is getting monthly pension , is there any criteria for withdraw of all amount at once.plz any body reply me…

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Naresh,

      There is no option to withdraw pension in bulk once an employee has pension contributions exceeding 10 years.

  48. comment-author

    Hi sir
    I had.worked company from August 1999 to.may amount
    Next day itself from may.2007 till today present
    Till 2014.march pf pension was deducted rs 541 every month
    After.april 2014.onwards deducting rs 1250.
    So now whether they calculate my service period from 1999
    How much how will get pf pension after 58

  49. comment-author

    Is there any cap for EPS. Understand that maximum salary considered for EPS is INR 15000. So for calculation purpose, should we consider maximum salary INR 15000 and then multiply with humber if years devided by 70.

  50. comment-author

    Starting from Feb 1994, worked in one organisation for 16 years. Earlier EPS was called Family pension. Then I switched over to another organisation. During resign I withdraw my PF and arranged EPS certificate from EPFO.
    Now it is more than 12 years in another organisation and eligible for pension here.
    How to merge both EPS so that job period may calculates for 27 years and can avail higher pension

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi DJ,

      You need to surrender your pension scheme certificate to your current PF office in order to merge the service which will help you to avail higher pension benefits.

  51. comment-author
    Bijay Mishra

    I worked 1915 to 2006 total 11 schme certificate maximum salary 6500.
    Gap of 4 years.
    Worked again 9 years, last salary 15000.
    Will PF dept calculate pension by last salary 15000 and add total 11+9 years or .15000×20÷70.or any other guide

  52. comment-author
    vince mathew

    I worked in company A & B for 8 yrs & 8 months. Then I was Unemployed for 2 yrs. Then in company C I worked for 5 months. Now I am not employed. I transfered my PF accounts online through One PF- One Member option from Company A to B and then to C.
    I did not do anything for EPS (Form 10C). Recently I applied online for PF withdrawal using Form-19 successfully.
    But when I try to withdraw EPS (Form 10C), system says that ineligible because my total service is either more than 9.5 yrs or less than 6 months.
    My total service is 9 yrs only, then why cannot I withdraw my EPS?

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Vince,

      You need to check your Service History by logging into the EPFO member portal with your UAN. Here’s a blog that tells you how you can check your Service History. As per the history, if your service is more than 9.5 years then you are entitled to pension benefits in which case you can apply for a pension scheme certificate.

  53. comment-author
    Rakesh Bhasin

    I had worked with organisation during 05/1984 to 08/1990 & my PF was trfd in 1996 in current pf account& I got superannuated in 2015 but my active service period was considered from 1992 not from 1984, Is there any effect in my pension calculation with service considering from 1984. Pl advise

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Rakesh,

      Although you started working from 1984, service for PF will be considered from the time your PF contributions started. I suggest that you either contact the PF office or your initial employer in order to know the PF contribution start date.

  54. comment-author
    Shobhit Agarwal

    Hi, how to i get eps pension scheme certificate from my previous employers . Is certificate is mandatory for getting pension at the time of retirement. Plz guide.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Shobhit,

      EPS Scheme certificate has to be obtained from the PF office by submitting Form 10C. If an employee is in service till the time of retirement, then the pension scheme certificate is not required. However, for an employee who has 10 years of contribution and quits before retirement (or before attaining the age of 58 years), a scheme certificate is mandatory to avail the pension.

  55. comment-author
    Arjun M

    Hi Sir,

    My name is Arjun, I have worked Last company 8.2 years. But that time I took pension certificate. Present working new company 9.5 years service completed. In case , If I join other new company then both pension certificate 8.2 years and second company service 9.5 years marge pension is there available

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Arjun,

      From the 2nd Company to 3rd company, you can apply for an online transfer where PF accumulations with interest and pension service will be transferred. Also, you need to surrender the EPS Scheme Certificate issued by the 1st Company’s PF office to the 3rd Company’s PF office in order to add/merge the pension service of 8.2 years. With this, you will have a total service of 8.2 years + 9.5 years + Employment tenure at the 3rd company.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Rajesh,

      To address your query, you need to furnish the tenure of employment and details about pension calculation. You can also check more details HERE.

  56. comment-author
    Sanjay sharma

    I have two pf accounts first ones service period was 5 months and the last service period was 14 months .now im withdrawing my eps amount .
    I want to know how much amount based on my different services i would get.
    I have already transferred my old account to last account.
    Please i want to know.

  57. comment-author

    Dear sir,
    I was working in a company nearly 15years of service,then that company was closed,after that I was joined a another company where I was working 7years and 3 months.I have with all my PF amount from both the companies,but not I am 60 years old.I request you sir how to get my EPS pension and what way and which root, and what are forms I have to fill it,and what are the documents I have to submit to get the EPS through online.Now I don’t have any scheme certificate,UAN No.,PF pass book.I kindly request sir,pls explain stepwise,Now I have no any financial support for.Once again I kindly request you sir pls do the needful. Pls send me details through my email. Thanking you

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Kasilingam,

      You haven’t mentioned if you’re currently working or have resigned, With service exceeding 10 years, you are eligible for Pension benefits.

      You need to transfer your PF accumulations from the previous to the current employer.

      Once the transfer has been completed, you can opt for EPS through the current employer if you’re still working. However, in case if you have resigned, then you can withdraw PF and claim monthly pension with arrears. Please keep in mind that to avail PF and pension, you must know your UAN.

  58. comment-author

    I opted for full pension (lifetime annuity with ROC) from 18/05/2008, without taking 1/3rd commutation. I am a member of eps from 1972 onwards. The current notification enables enhancement of the pension to normal level.
    Therefore, I am eligible for full pension from 18/05/2008 and not after 15 years since I did not opt for 1/3 commutation. Will any one help me to get my full pension in view of the current notification. Kochunarayan

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Kochunarayan,

      I suggest that you approach the respective pension disbursing PF office along with the PPO order.

  59. comment-author
    Arnab Ray Chaudhuri

    I am a member of EPFO for the last 6 yrs now. I have an UAN. I shall be changing organisation next month. Please advise what mandatory things or approvals I need to take from my present organisation to get my EPF & EPS transferred to my new organisation.
    Moreover, my basic salary in my new organisation will be INR 18000. So in that case the employer’s contribution towards EPF will be 3.67% of the 12% of the basic. But the employer’s contribution towards EPS will be 8.33% of the 12% of INR 15000 only, I guess. Then my question is how the employer will contribute to the 8.33% of the 12% of the balance basic, ie, INR 3000..?
    Lastly I wanna know, if I don’t wish to take up monthly pensions post my retirement, shall I be able to withdraw the entire amount of EPS accumulated, just before my retirement..?

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Arnab,

      1. You need to continue with the same UAN at the new organization. Only after 60 days from the date of joining the new organization, should you submit the online transfer application by logging into the EPFO portal with your UAN.

      2. EPS is capped at INR 15000 and maximum EPS contribution should not exceed INR 1250. The difference between Employee PF and Employer EPS is that the latter’s PF contribution is 3.67% of Basic + DA.

      3. Once you’re entitled for pension (EPS contribution must exceed 10 years) you cannot withdraw the complete EPS amount.

  60. comment-author

    Sir , My basic salary is 25000 Rs.per month and I will be retired in year 2022 . My service period will have been 18 years in 2022 . So ,How much pension I will get monthly. Please tell me about pension

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Hori,

      (Pensionable Salary*Pensionable Service)/70 is the formula for pension calculation.

      Also, pensionable salary will be based on the last 60 months’ average pay subject to a cap of INR 15,000 on Basic + DA.

      To get more clarity on this matter I suggest you reach out to your PF office.

  61. comment-author

    Sir i have completed my 15 years of my service.i am a member of eps scheme from 2005 july .From that time my epf contribution is being contributed.My question is that i am now at the age of 46.if i retired now how much pension i will get back.if i retired on 58 then how much pension i will get at that time.previously pension contribution was rs 541/- and now 1250/ pl i request you to privide information about this.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Debnath,

      Although you have amassed 15 years of service, you will only be eligible for pension benefits upon attaining 58 years of age. Note that pension is calculated as:

      Last drawn Pension Wage (15000) * No. of years of service (15 Years) / 70.

      Do note that the above is subject to change at the time of pension disbursal and on the basis of any government notification(s).

  62. comment-author

    Dear Sir,
    I have working 3 establishment in under my UAN service. I have verified my service history in EPF portal only 9 yrs 2 month only. I have applied Form 19 & Form 10C through online. Form 19 only claim settled, but form 10 c rejected @ reason of submit scheme certificate. But I eligible around my service with in 9.5 yrs. So pls kindly give a suggestion.

    Thanking you

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Gopi,

      You need to contact the PF office with your service details in order to claim the pension dues as the eligibility tenure for EPS is 9.5 years or more.

  63. comment-author
    K D Sharma

    K D Sharma
    I have worked 11 years of service and left the job due to overseas opportunity
    I have withdrawn PF and got scheme certificate would like to get higher pension.

    right now I am 55 years old and still outside country since 2009

    kindly guide me how can I get higher pension if I can pay difference amount

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi K D,

      You will get a full pension once you attain 58 years of age. You can submit the scheme certificate along with pension application form to respective PF office.

  64. comment-author
    Pradip Banerjee

    Pradip Banerjee
    I have transferred my old EPF a/c to a new company but a break of arnd 9 months without breaking anything from the a/c. When I go through the a/c. I am not seeing the previous EPSamount but current EPS amnt is visible. How can I see the previous EPS amnt. Please suggest me. Thanks.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Pradip,

      When PF is transferred, EPS too will be transferred as a service and not the amount. Therefore, if you take a look at the e-passbook, unlike the PF amount which will be mentioned, the EPS amount PF will not reflect. Having said that, the service details will be added to the current employer’s PF account. And the pension will be calculated from the date of joining.

  65. comment-author
    B Mohanan

    Dear Rishabh

    I am retired at my 60th year and my service in this organisation was 11.8 years but EPS deducted only up to my 58th year and afterwords PF deducted but EPS not credited. Thought I completed more than 11 years EPS transferred only for 9 year and 8 months and there is a short of 4 months for 10 years. I wants to know am I eligible for getting pension.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi B. Mohanan,

      Since you have pension contributions exceeding 9.5 years, you will be eligible for pension benefits on a monthly basis.

  66. comment-author

    I understand recently Supreme Court has dismissed the petition of EPFO challenging the verdict of Kerala high court. If this is true, what will be the effect on EPF pension ?

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Sudhindra,

      Details are awaited. You can reach out to your respective PF office to get more clarity regarding this matter.

  67. comment-author

    I have joined an organisation on 18/07/2016 and left on 09/12/2016 (Less than 6 months). Accordingly they have deducted my PF also. A total amount of Rs 4505/- towards pension contribution , Rs 7280 for employee and Rs 2229 for employer share. I have not worked in any organisation after that and now aged 59 years.

    (An interest of Rs 630/- and Rs 193 /- also added to employee and employer share besides the above amount for 3 years till 31-03-2019 and 4th year no amount. Total employee share Rs 7910 and employer share Rs 2422/- and pension contribution remains same.)

    Please help me to know the followings:
    1) Am I eligible for any monthly pension, if so what would be the amount and from when on wards eligible.
    2) What all amount I can withdraw and the forms to be filled up for each.
    3) Any other suggestion you would like to provide.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Jayaprakash,

      Since you have less than 6 months of contribution towards pension, you are not eligible.
      You can withdraw your complete PF contributions along with employer PF contributions with interest. Log in with your UAN on the portal to withdraw PF.
      To apply for PF withdrawal you need to activate your UAN and update mandatory KYC details such as PAN, Aadhaar and Bank account number with IFSC code — this, again, has to be approved by the employer.

  68. comment-author

    Hi, I was worked for 12 yrs & 5 months (Nov1995 to May2008) in one private company. Withdrawn the PF amount & got EPF “scheme certificate”. Joined new private company in June2008. But the EPF membership started in April2013. Left the company in July2020. (made EPF contribution for 7 yrs & 2 months). How to proceed for getting pension & what would be the total pensionable service ? approx pension amount?

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Govind,

      You need to surrender your scheme certificate to the PF office where you rendered service for 7 years & 2 Months. Only when the service is added to your latest PF account and you have attained 50 or 58 years of age can you can avail the pension benefits by submitting the pension claim Form 10D.

      The pensionable service will be 12 Yrs 5 months + 7 years 2 months.

      On the pension amount part the calculation is last drawn Pension wage * no. of years of service/70.

  69. comment-author



    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Raj,

      At the age of 50 years, only those employees who have a pension contribution for more than 10 years are eligible to opt for reduced pension. The approximate amount will be a little over INR 2000.

      Note: Though the basic salary is INR 20,000, pension is capped at INR 15,000 so the employer contribution towards pension will be 8.33% of the capped amount.

  70. comment-author

    Where is showing the contribution years on portal.
    I have done contribution since March 99 to till date in differences organizations in every month.

    Can I get pension in the age of 50 ?
    Please guide.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Ashok,

      To see the contribution details you need to download your e-passbook. And yes, you can opt for reduced pension on attaining 50 years of age.

  71. comment-author

    If i worked in A for 8 years and will continue in B for 2 years so in this case i have done with 10 years now if i want to join in company C shall i need to get any certificate from B to get pension?

    Where i will get my Total Pension contribution for my total experience if i worked different companies 8y +2y +6y +4y .

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Praveen,

      While changing employers, you need to opt for a PF transfer (from the previous company to the current company). During if the request is accepted, your PF accumulations and pension service will be transferred.

      You can avail the pension through your last company only if you have attained 58 years of age. The pension service will be considered from Company A until the last company as long as you continue to transfer PF and pension accumulations whenever joining any new company.

  72. comment-author

    I am Parthasarathi Sarkar.
    Dob 11 July 1968.

    Working in a company wef 15 July 1992 till date.
    (Present Posting Kolkata)
    But the company was exempted to give PF for 5 years so my PF/Eps contribution started wef 1997.
    Am still working in same organisation.
    My present basic is 30420.
    (No DA is there)

    My queries
    1) If I leave my job today ..
    What will be considered as my service year for EPS calculation
    Is it 28 years (1992 July to 2020 Aug)
    Or 23 years (1997 July to 2020 Aug)

    2) As my retirement age is 58, suppose I complete my service career till 2026(my retirement year) ~ as it will be more than 25 years (say basic remain same)

    Will my pension be
    A. half of my basic (30420 ie Rs 15210 (you mentioned in few places than >25 years service pension is half of basic pay)
    B. Rs 7500(half of capped basic of 15k)
    C. it will be as
    year of service (29) x ave of last 12 m salary(15000 as capped) / 70
    =.Rs 6214

    3) Final but *MOST IMPORTANT QUERY*
    I heard that, as per court ruling a person can get enhanced uncapped pension as per actual basic provided he pays full 8.33% to pension scheme (EPS).

    In my case to get this what should I have to do ?
    A> 2007 to 2014 the actual deposit was 6500 per year(541 pm) , if my basic in that period was say 12000 pm, then I have to pay difference of 1000(8.33% of 12k) and 541 or 449 pm x 17 years aling with interest and
    B) for 2015 to 2020 (say my basic is same ie 30420) then difference monthly 2535(8.33% of 30420) -1250=1285 pm for this 6 years along with interest ?

    If yes what interest rate I have to pay?

    How will I pay this ? Procedure plz.

    Can I pay the entire difference amount (difference from 1997 till my retirement along with interest) at the time of pension and get the actual enhanced pension .
    Can it be diverted from my EPF Balance ?
    That will be 30420×29/70 = 12692pm
    Is it permissible, plz answer .
    I want enhanced pension on the basis if actual salary (last drawn 12m ave) not camping.
    I roughly calculated this difference amount to be max 5 to 6 LACS.
    But if it is allowed by paying add 6 lacs I will get add 6700 pm pension, which is more than 13% of return.
    Is it not a better option ! Plz suggest.

    I asked my employer to deduct 8.33% actual amount of my basic in EPS but they told they can not deduct more than 1250 pm, are they correct ?

    4) also after my death how much family pension my wife will get , is it same amount i will get or certain % of that

    Plz reply specially point no 3

    Can u plz send a copy of reply to my mail id too


    Parthasarathi Sarkar

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan


      1. The second i,e. 23 years (1997 July to 2020 Aug) will be considered as your service years for EPS calculation.

      2. Since your service tenure is more than 25 years, the pension will be calculated on the capped wage (INR 15,000). The approximate pension will be around INR 7,500.

      3. For this query, I suggest you either contact your employer or the respective PF office (where the contributions have been paid).

      4. Nominee pension is calculated differently. It can be calculated on the basis of various terms of pension disbursed and so on.

  73. comment-author

    What is the maximum amount of EPS that one can get .
    Is the period calculations done from 1995 or from actual date of joining service. I joined 38 year back, and continuing.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Mohan,

      The maximum approximate pension will be INR 7,500. Service will be counted from the (actual) date of when the pension contributions started.

  74. comment-author
    Sanjay Abbi

    I am Sanjay Abbi
    I have work in company for 15 year
    I have withdrawn pf amount 7 year ago but regarding pension I have not obtain any certificate from EPO office That company has closed now
    Please let me know how to take that certificate from EPO office

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Sanjay,

      You need to submit the physical pension form (Form 10C) selecting option “Yes” under “Willing to accept scheme certificate”. A letter clearly stating that the company is now no longer operational (or closed) must also accompany the physical pension form. Both the form and the letter then has to be addressed to the PF Commissioner of the respective PF office where the PF account was maintained by your employer.

  75. comment-author

    Hi, I had withdrawn my EPF from my previous organization which was maintained by private trust. My service history has been updated on the EPFO website. I am now working in a new organization, how do I transfer the old EPS (Service details) to the new EPS account?

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Ritesh,

      You need to opt for an online transfer of your pension contribution from the previous employer’s EPS account to the current employer’s UAN. In case you’re unable to submit an online transfer claim due to some error, you can submit do it manually by opting for a manual transfer by submitting Form 13 either through the present or previous employer along with a screenshot of the error that is shown on the PF portal.

  76. comment-author
    Sumit Kumar Pandit

    Can someone tell me regarding “Who can join Employee Pension Scheme and who can’t”. As per an amendment dated August 22, 2014, an individual who joined the Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) scheme after September 1, 2014, cannot open an Employees’ Pension Scheme (EPS) account if his/her monthly salary exceeds Rs 15,000.

    This topic is least discussed but its relevant to me as I started working from January 2016. My previous employer did not use to contribute towards EPS but current employer is deducting. I am not sure if in future I can be denied pension due to this amendment and my contribution towards EPS can get wasted.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Sumit,

      Following employees are eligible for pension contribution,

      1. A first-time employee whose PF wages is up to INR 15000 w.e.f 01st Sep 2014
      2. An employee who is already part of pension contributions even though PF wages is above INR 15,000

  77. comment-author
    Sashindran k

    I have been working in a cbse school for 16 years. In 2016 I retired from the school and the very next month I withdrew my PF amount. And I’m getting a very small amount as pension that is Rs. 1240/
    But school allowed me to continue my job.
    Now I am 60 years old. Am I eligible for gratuity?
    Please inform me.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Sashindran,

      Since you’ve mentioned that you retired in 2016, I’m hoping that you would have received all your settlements, including gratuity.

      For me to comment on gratuity eligibility, you need to clarify whether you got gratuity at the time retirement, and at the time of service under what terms you were getting paid.

  78. comment-author
    Sumit Kumar Pandit

    Hi Rishabh,

    Thanks for your response. So its clear that I am not eligible for EPS as I joined after 1st Sep, 2014 with wage more than INR 15000. But my current employer is deducting INR 1250 against EPS every month. Does this mean I am enrolled for EPS without eligibility? What is the right way to resolve this issue?

    I am pretty sure there would be many people having the same issue and hence a detailed resolution will be very helpful.


  79. comment-author

    Hello Friends,. Whenever you transfer your PF account to another PF account, please take a screenshot of your pension amount as this will not reflect in your new account at all..if you still want to know the balance your EPS, then you have to contact PF office only .

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Prabha,

      Your employer can be a private firm or government-run department/enterprise/organisation. But they have to belong to the organised sector to provide this scheme to their employees. Also, employers with more than 20 employees are mandated by law to provide the benefits under this scheme to their employees. That said, those with fewer than 20 employees can also sign up for this scheme.

  80. comment-author

    Sir..I am rajkumar
    My friend died on last 6 month back
    However he have PF account & that was open in 2015 and he worked only 3 Month.
    After 3 Month service he leave the job
    But he have his wife and 3 children’s eligible for EPS.

    Pl tell me sir…

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Raj,

      Since you quit during the year 2015 and have only 3 months of contribution, I suggest you approach your employer to know more about the benefits. There are chances of availing monthly pension for wife and kids.

  81. comment-author
    Anil Sharma

    Hi Rishabh I joined my service From 1986 to 2018 From 2014 my Salary fr calculating pension is 15000 but before that Rs 65oo on which calculating pf n before that lesser than that .I am 55 yrs now then how much will be my pension.

  82. comment-author
    Madhu kumar

    I have worked with an organisation for 3.5 years and 3 months back i had resigned from the organisation. I have withdrawed pf amount but unable to withdraw my pension amount ( 10c) it is getting rejected.Can you please tell me why it is so ?

  83. comment-author

    Dear Rishabh, I joined my company in 2007 at 52 years of age and retired in 2020 at 65 years of age, as the retirement age is 65 in my company. Am I eligible for monthly pension or I have to withdraw complete EPS balance in one lumpsome?

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Ashok,

      In this case, since you do not have pensionable service you’re not eligible for monthly pension. You can withdraw your total pension contribution with Form 10C.

  84. comment-author
    Suneel Kumar

    Hi sir,
    I have worked 9.8 years of service with two different company with one UAN no and left the job due to overseas opportunity. My first company 6 Year (July 2019 to July 2015) & second company 3.8 year (July 2015 to April 2019)
    I have withdrawn PF from both company but yet pension fund is not withdrawn both of any.

    Kindly advice me , I am eligible to get the pension.

    Suneel Kumar

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Suneel,

      You need to mention whether you initiated a transfer from the first company to the second company for me to address your query.

      If a transfer has been initiated — and considering that the total service tenure is 9.8 years — then you are entitled to receive pension benefits. However, you need to apply for a scheme certificate through your current employer’s PF office. After attaining 58 years of age, you need to surrender the scheme certificate get your monthly pension.

  85. comment-author

    I completed my 11 years of PF contribution but my age is 41 years.i can be eligible for pension scheme and how much i get monthly.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Kalpana,

      You are eligible for pension since you have more than 10 years of contribution. However, you will only start receiving your pension benefits upon attaining 58 years of age.

      Pension is calculated as: Last drawn pension wages * 70 / number of years of service

  86. comment-author
    Hariom Gaba


    After two month of leaving the job , i had applied for pf and pension withdrawals, the claim settled for pf is ok but in pension contribution the claim settled is 5842 less, i do not why?

    Total amount in pension contribution =20530
    but the claim settled for pension = 14688

    Could you please help me or tell me the reason for the same


    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Hariom,

      Suggest you cross-check the PF and Pension accumulations in your e-passbook and contact the PF office. You will be able to claim the differential dues by manually submitting Form 10C.

  87. comment-author
    Satheesh Kumar.P

    Satheesh Kumar.P – Date of Birth – 15-02-1961 , Date of Joining Service – 18-01-1988. Retiring on 28-02-2021.
    What will be my EPF pension ? When the EPF pension scheme was introduced, the maximum pension was Rs 6500/ and it was enhanced to Rs 15000 in between. So the EPF pension will have 2 parts. Please inform me how to calculate for the PF pension and what is the total pension at the age of 60 years of retirement ?

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Satheesh,

      Last drawn Pension wage*no. of years of service/70 is the formula for pension calculation.

      Since you have total service that exceeds 25 years, the approximate pension amount will be 50% of your pension wages.

  88. comment-author

    What is the rule for availing monthly pension before age of 58 years
    Also is there a rule for private sector employees who have more basic salary

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Rasheed,

      Before reaching the age of 58 years. You can opt for pension while attaining the age of 50, where you should have a minimum of 10 years of contribution towards pension.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Ravindra,

      Commutation of Pension means payment of a lump sum amount in lieu of a portion of pension surrendered voluntarily by the pensioner.

      The Pensioners receive their full pension after completion of fifteen years from the date of commutation.

  89. comment-author

    Hi Rishabh ! I am a member of EPF from 2004. I have withdrawn an advance of Rs 300000/- from my epf account in June 2017. Since then my and employers’ contributions are being regularly deposited. Now, my passbook shows balance in pension fund Rs 150000/- and in employee’s fund Rs 104000/-. Will you please guide how much pension shall be fixed for me if I quit my job immediately. I am 56 years old.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Sanjay,

      Last drawn pension wage (capped at INR 15,000) * No. of years of service/70 is the formula for pension calculation.

      You can avail pension benefits upon attaining 58 years of age.

  90. comment-author
    Kothapalli Appala Raju

    i am joined epf schmeme since 1995.and pention fund paid with celing 6500,15000 and 8.33% on pay + Da (65000/-)since march 2019. my age 58 years complete 15th june 2020. as per sc rule how much amount fixed my monthly pention.please say how to approatch enhanced pention

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Kothapalli,

      Since you have already attained 58 years of age, you can opt for pension benefits by submitting the necessary documents at the PF office.

      Considering the 20+ years of contributions towards pension, the approximate monthly pension should be around INR 7,500 (subject to change).

      As far as pension enhancement is concerned, you will have to approach your employer.

  91. comment-author
    Vivek Kumar Sharma

    Hi, Mr,Ranjan
    I took retirement from job after 12 years 2007-2019 at the age of 56 years .I had withdrawn my PF in full and final settlement few months ago. Now I have attained an age of 57 years as on date .

    Till my last drawn salary of March 2019 …..RS. 1250/- pm against my pension fund is shown in my pass amounting to Rs. 1,10,000/- (one lakh ten thousand only) till date.

    My last basic salary was Rs. 2,05,000/-(two lakh five thousand only)
    How much per month pension will be received by me and how to proceed to get it .?

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Vivek,

      You can avail a monthly pension after turning 58-years-old.

      You can submit a pension form (Form 10D) and enclose all necessary documents, such as Aadhaar, bank account details etc. The submission has to be made at the respective PF office in order to avail the monthly pension.

      As for the pension amount, the approximate monthly pension will be around INR 2,500. This again is subject to change.

  92. comment-author
    Harpal Singh

    Dear Sir,

    I worked for 19 Yrs, from May 2001 to Jul 2020. I am 57 and my last drawn basic is Rs. 11,975/-. Kindly Guide
    1. Am i eligible for pension now or i have to wait for one year?
    2. What will be my approximate pension?
    3. Pension Amount fixed once is same forever or it will change over time?
    4. Pension can be taken in any bank or only nationalized bank?

    Thank You

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Harpal,

      1. You will be eligible for pension at 58 years of age
      2. The approximate monthly pension amount would be INR 3,250 (subject to change)
      3. It will change over a period of time
      4. Pension will be disbursed only at nationalized banks listed by the EPFO

  93. comment-author
    jatin damani

    Hi rishabh,

    My name is jatin and I would like to withdraw my EPF amount as I have not worked for more than two years and being unemployed from last year , moreover I left my job last year in August however EPFO rejected my 10c form when I filled it online with the other documents says they have already transferred my PF ,my PF office is in Bangalore So please help how to withdraw the Pension amount ?

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Jatin,

      Approach the latest employer’s PF office (Bangalore) to which the PF/pension is transferred in order to claim your PF/pension dues. Keep in mind that you can only claim dues by submitting a physical copy of PF claim form.

  94. comment-author

    Can any one tell me that Contribution towards eps is payed back with interest on withdrawal or not?
    I had filled form10c online as I left the job permanently and Contribution towards epfo was less than 10 years.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Bhadresh,

      EPS amount will be a one-time settlement if you have contributions less than 10 years. Pension amount will not attract interest.

  95. comment-author

    Sir, I’m 60 year old and retired .my pension contributions amount deposited also after 58 year.
    Can I apply for monthly pension scheme? Or can’t?

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Prashanth,

      If you have more than 10 years of contribution towards pension, then you can opt for monthly pension after attaining 58 years of age.

  96. comment-author
    rahul kumar vyas

    Could you please clear the following doubts for me, thanks in advance.
    1) The contribution of Government in 12% (8.33% + 3.67%) so, this 3.67% will also be paid by the employer or not?
    2) EFP order states that any organisation having less than 20 employees employed can pay 10% efp, so, in that case If i am having an organisation having 12 employees and i employee 2 more people through som xyz company, but my organisation strength is 12 (plus 2 new employees) but the strength of xyz company is 50, so do i have to pay 10% epf since my company has less than 20 employees or do i have to pay 12% epf since xyz company has more than 20 employees, please clarify.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Rahul,

      The aforementioned 12% is paid by the employer out of which 3.67% represents the employer’s PF contribution whereas the remaining 8.33% is the employer’s pension contribution

      The 10% PF contribution that you have mentioned only applies to a certain category companies/industries. Typically, the contribution towards PF is 12%.

  97. comment-author
    Amrik Singh

    I have totally 17 years of continuous service, my last service was of 3.6 years. When I try to fill my form 19 online, it shows only 3.6 years – “Short Service” and insists on Form H, which means only 3.6 years is being considered. Whereas my service record on their portal shows 17 years with the name of both employers. I had filled Form 13 in 2017 and my corpus has been transferred and my passbook shows the correct total.
    Whom should I approach to rectify this? I am unable to apply for withdrawal.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Amrik,

      I suggest you contact your employer. Or you could also approach the PF office with printouts of your service history,

  98. comment-author
    S. Bhatta

    Hi, I worked for 32 years continuously in an organization & took premature retirement at 58 years(60 years was retirement age) with last drawn basic of 45, par EPS Pension calculation my pension should be (34 taken as 2 years bonus for 20 continuous service as par epfo rule)15000*34/70=INR-7285.00 but i am receiving only 2347.00.
    Can you please help by providing the reason for such low pension as well as where to complain/raise issue for review. Shall remain grateful

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi S.Bhatta,

      Since you didn’t mention the year of retirement, I‘m unable to comment on the approximate pension amount.

      However, I suggest you check your PPO order (Pension Pay Order) issued by the EPFO which will have the details of the pension amount. You can also visit the pension cell in PF office to get more clarity on the pension amount.

  99. comment-author

    Dear Rishabh, I joined my company in 2007 at 52 years of age and retired in 2020 at 65 years of age, as the retirement age is 65 in my company. Am I eligible for monthly pension or I have to withdraw complete EPS balance in one lumpsome?
    Aug 30, 2020 at 2:15 pm
    Rishabh Ranjan
    Hi Ashok,
    In this case, since you do not have pensionable service you’re not eligible for monthly pension. You can withdraw your total pension contribution with Form 10C.
    Sep 16, 2020 at 6:01 am
    Dear Rishabh
    I applied through Form 10C, but the claim was rejected by EPFO on 04 Sep 2020, stating that I had completed >10 years of service with the company.

  100. comment-author

    I served in a organization for 8 years and 8 months and joined new organization after interval of 3 months. New organization will deposit PF in same EPF account which were opend by prior organization.
    Am I eligible for pension scheme ?

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Lovely,

      While joining the new organization, you should submit the PF Declaration form (Form 11) where your previous employer’s PF details must be furnished. If accepted, the current employer will contribute the PF towards your existing UAN.

      To become eligible for pension you should have 10 years of contribution towards pension.

  101. comment-author

    what is the eligibility of defer pension and how it calculate pl explain with uncle continue their working in same company and contributed pension also upto his 60 years. now he his age is 66

  102. comment-author

    Hi, Mr Rishabh,
    I wana know that my father was an employee in a private company & took voluntary retirement in Nov, 2005 at 58, & died in Sept 2006, but did not claim eps95, can it now be possible to claim pension in 2020. After a gap of 14-15 yrs.
    Pls help me out to sort this problem. Thanks a lot.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Subhajit,

      To address this query and the total service, please provide the date of joining and date of leaving.

      If your father had more than 10 years of service and contributions towards EPS, then he is eligible for pension. Since your father passed away in Sep 2006, you can apply for pension benefits as the nominee. However, to do this, you must approach the employer as their attestation is required in the pension claim forms.

  103. comment-author

    hi sir,

    i am working in a pvt company , i completed 9 years 7 months , my basis + DA is more than 15000/-

    my age is 40, is i am eligible to Pension scheme , after 10 years complete i am not interest to do job, At what age i get pension and how much, plz let me know

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Nanda,

      You are eligible for pension scheme upon completing 10 years of service. Full pension can be availed once you attain 58 years of age. On the other hand, reduced pension can be availed once you attain 50 years of age.

  104. comment-author

    I have left my job after a service of around 9 years and 10 months and I am having an age of 32 now.

    When I try to submit a request to withdraw my EPS, it says I am not eligible as I have completed 9.5 years of service. Is this because 9.5 or greater is rounded to 10?
    In effect my pension fund is blocked for next 26 years (Till I turn 58). As I have not completed 10 years is there any option to withdraw my EPS (eg:- Submitting a request offline)? And can I know what the actual rule is ? Is it 9.5 or 10 years?

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Jijesh,

      Yes, total service equal to or greater than 9.5 years is rounded to 10. Once an employee has a contribution that exceeds 9.5 years, it will be treated as 10 years. You can refer to the EPS scheme to know more about this.

      If you are currently working, then you can transfer the pension contribution to your current employer and continue your service. However, if you’re not working, then you need to apply for a scheme certificate and apply for a reduced pension upon attaining 50 years of age. Alternatively, you could opt for full pension only after attaining 58 years of age.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Memon,

      If your spouse passed away during service, then on the PF front, the nominee will get the settlement of PF dues with interest, EDLI benefits and widow pension. To avail the said benefit, you (the nominee) need to contact the establishment where your spouse worked.

  105. comment-author
    Shaji Thomas

    I joined in a company on 7/12/1998. This company merged with another company on 30/6/2004. Later the merged company again merged with another company on 1/7/2010. My PF balance from earlier companies were tranfred , but the service history in the portal shows only the curret company . How do i get the old service record updated in pf service history as the pension calculation is baised on the number of years of service

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Shaji,

      Though the service would be added in the EPFO records, I suggest you visit the current employer’s PF office in order to get a confirmation for the continuity of service and to retrieve details of the transfer made towards your PF number or UAN.

  106. comment-author

    Myself worked in central govt. undertaking from 1980 to 1992 ( 12yrs. app.). Now I am aged 74 yrs. Am I eligible for epf pension?
    Thankks and Regards,

    Aravindakshan. V

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Aravindakshan,

      An employee who has more than 10 years of contribution towards pension is eligible for pension dues. Furthermore, the said pension can be only be claimed once the employee attains 58 years of age.

  107. comment-author

    Hi I would like to clear my below doubt urgently:
    As per my company policy once you attain 58 you are retired. Does that mean it’s on completion of 58 and next year in July ’21 I will retire?? From which year and month will my PF contribution stop,?
    My date of birth is 10.07.62… So as on date I.e. Oct 20 I am running 58 right? And due for retirement next year.? Pls confirm as it’s confusing…I wouldn’t want to lose my one years benefit if my company says I have retired in Jul’20…how is PF and pension calculated..please reply urgently on my personal Hotmail id given..thank you.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Jessica,

      An employee is eligible for pension if he/she has rendered eligible service of 10 years or more and retires at the age of 58 years. Bear in mind that attaining 58 years means the completion of 58 years.

  108. comment-author

    Hi Rishab,
    I worked for a Unexempt organization and the name of the company was changed so my earlier EPF & EPS amount was transferred to the Name Changed Company Establishment account, So in my UAN portal my experience years of in the old company name is not reflecting under the service history.

    I joined the company on 01-11-2012 and the name changed company PF account was started on 01-04-2014 my service history is showing only from 01-04-2014 not from 01-11-2012.

    I left the old company on 05-03-2018 and joined new exempt organization (PF Trust) on 12-03-2018 and now I left this new company (PF Trust) on 19-04-2020.

    The latest company I’m working currently I joined on 01-05-2020 is a newly established company and the number of employees is less than 20 employees so does not have PF registration.

    I have below queries

    1) Can I inform my last worked organization exempt organization (PF Trust organization) to transfer the PF amount from their PF fund account to the government operated my PF account?

    2) If I am going to withdraw can I hold the EPS amount and withdraw only the EPF amount as i want to try and contribute to EPS account for 10 years to be eligible for pension?

    3) How can I add to the service history, for the missed out period of 01-11-2012 to 31-03-2014.

    4) If I don’t apply for withdrawal now what is going to happen to my EPF & EPS accumulation. Will the exempt organization provide interest at rates declared by government as I heard the rule has changed that interest need to be provided for inoperative EPF accounts also until 36 months until it becomes inoperative.

    5) Would have my exempt organization given me interest for the earlier accumulated amount also or for the amount they have in their PF Trust account only?

    Looking for your inputs?
    Thanks & Regards
    Aravindan B

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi AB,

      (1) Not possible unless your UAN is mapped to new employer’s PF code. The only options you have is to either to wait till you are covered under PF so that you can apply for transfer of PF and Pension accumulations when the time comes or withdraw the PF and Pension dues.

      (2) Yes, you can withdraw PF and hold the EPS contributions. To get your pension benefits once the employee has 10+ years of contribution towards EPS.

      (3) You need to check whether the transfer is in effect for the said period. Even if it was missed in your service history, you can get it checked by visiting the PF office or by raising an online grievance here:

      (4) Though the outstanding accumulations will attract interest as announced by EPFO, I suggest you either withdraw the accumulations immediately or transfer it to the latest employer in order to avoid the risk.

      (5) The interest will be paid for contributions made and the amount received as part of the PF transfer from the previous organization.

  109. comment-author
    Vijay panchal

    Dear sir,
    Recently I withdraw my pf online and as per norm I submitted my 15 g form and pension also but pension side 8000 and above amount deducted as per passbook amount in passbook amount is 47000 and above something and I got 39000 only why and where this much amount deducted..
    As same my colleague also withdraw his pf but they didn’t only 300 only in pension side why that much difference

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Vijay,

      Since there is no clarity about the query, in terms of nature of submission of documents, PF accumulations etc., I suggest you approach the PF office to get to the bottom of it.

      As the amount deducted is close to INR 8,000, it seems to me that TDS was deducted.

  110. comment-author
    Yogesh Jangid

    Dear Sir, i worked in company 15 year 3 month, now i retired and my age was 52 years 2 months . My last basic salary was 15000/-. so what is my actual pension amount. and if i applied for reduced pension what amount of reduced pension. and how apply for this.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Yogesh,

      You can apply for a reduced pension at the age of 50 years. Since you are over 50 years old, suggest you apply for the full pension upon attaining 58 years of age.

      The approximate pension will be INR 3,200 (subject to change).

  111. comment-author


    I am working from 2004. I have withdrawn my PF amount twice once in 2007 and once in 2012 when I changed to new job. I am not sure weather the pension amount is with drawn or transferred. I have two queries.
    1) Any way to know weather pension amount is with drawn or still with PF office?
    2) If it is with drawn can we submit that money back to get the service period added?

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Srinivas,

      1. You can check whether you claimed your pension dues or not by finding out the online claim status. Alternatively, you can also check by downloading the e-passbook.
      2. It is a lengthy procedure and you need to visit the PF office with a request letter addressing the PF Commissioner, clearly mentioning employment and service details.

  112. comment-author

    Hello Sir,

    I have below queries. Plz help to resolve.

    1) My current service period is 7 years so for how many more years the EPS will get deducted. I.e. after 10 years of service it will get stopped or continue to deduct ?
    2) After attending the age of 58. I can start taking EPS based on formula but what happen if I die at the age of 59 ? Will my spouse or child will be able to get the pension after my death at the age of 59 years ? And for how many years the pension will be given to them ? After that period what will happen to that corpus ?
    3) As of now the maximum pension is considered as per the formula is 7500 which does not justify the need even in now days, so that will be very less.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi AKJ,

      1. EPS deduction will continue till the employee attains 58 years of age.
      2. You can avail monthly pension after attaining 58 years of age. Upon the demise of the pensioner the nominee will avail widow pension until she is alive. As for the corpus, the pension amount received by you or your nominee will be more than your pension contribution.
      3. Yes. However, it depends on the Government’s policy.

  113. comment-author

    Hi Rishabh,

    I have started working from July 2017 and I read somewhere that I am not eligible for EPS. Is it correct? As in my EPFO passbook 1250 is being deposited to EPS from a long time. Is there any issue for me?

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Gagan,

      Employees who started service on 01 September 2014 and had PF wages above INR 15,000 are not eligible for pension scheme.

      In your case, if INR 1,250 reflected in the e-passbook then you must’ve been a part of the pension contribution scheme prior to Sep 2014 or your PF wages was INR 15,000 or more.

  114. comment-author
    Mangat Ram

    Hi Rishabh,

    Thanks a lot for your response for my earlier query. However I am facing an issue further and require your help. 6 years ago I worked for a company which created another UAN number for me mistakenly, however I had a UAN number previously. After leaving that firm, I moved my PF amount to new comp. PF account, which is mapped to correct UAN. Now when I login to my EPF portal or passbook page, I don’t see my previous PF account (which was mapped to new UAN) being referenced here. So my query is

    In this situation, will my EPS gets affected. As I not sure about transfer of EPS amount between different UAN’s. But my PF got transferred to my new account under different UAN. In case my EPS gets affected, due to non-continuity of service, what I can do from my end to remediate the same.


  115. comment-author
    Sharath H T

    Hi Rishab,

    I have worked for 1.6 years in one company and in another I just worked for 4 months( left the job). Now I want to withdrawn pension contribution from my 1.6 years company… Can you please guide me how will I able to do that?

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Sharath,

      You need to submit the pension application form (Form 10C) complete with employment details along with enclosures such as Aadhaar, Bank account details etc., at the PF office to claim pension contributions.

  116. comment-author

    Dear Sir,
    I have completed 10years 6 months service in my organigation .
    I have withdrawn my pf amount.
    I have completed 50years , please guide me how to with draw my pension amount

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Deepak,

      You are eligible for pension benefits on condition that the contribution years exceed 10 years. You can either opt for full pension at 58 years of age or reduced pension at 50 years of age.

      To avail monthly pension benefits, you need to hand in the pension application form (Form 10D) along with additional documents such as, Aadhaar Card, bank account details, nominee details etc., to the EPFO through your employer.

  117. comment-author
    Sarath Babu

    I am member of pf from 2012 december. Worked in two companies, when I Join the second company I transferred my epf but not eps. My second company handling epf in a trust account.
    Now I reaigned from the company and joined government sector.
    So If I submit 10c then will I get the eps amount of entire service (7 years and 9 month) or just last company ( 5 year)??
    2) what is the calculation of eps for 7 year and 9 month
    15000* 8.22 right?

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Sarath,

      To get complete pension dues, you need to transfer pension contributions from Company A to Company B.

      The calculation varies on the basis of different factors such as pension wages, tenure of employment etc. However, the pension settlement will not match the contributions. There will be a difference — slightly higher or lower..

  118. comment-author
    siva kumar singh

    Sir, I am working in a pvt ltd company since 2005 and as of 2020 my basic salary is 15000. Considering my service is of 34 years, can you please let me know how much pension I will get after completing of 58 years.

  119. comment-author
    Ramani Thyagarajan

    Dear Sir,

    I retired from my last organisation 3 years back after putting 4.5 years with them.They provided UAN no to me and the PF & EPF were settled and the passbook also indicates the same.Before this organisation I have served in about 4 companies and none them have provided me any UAN no.Hence I do not know the status of my EPF and unable to find the same due to non availability of UAN.Is there any possibility of knowing what is the amount of EPF lying with the govt and if any , how to claim it .How to approach them.
    I solicit your guidance in this regard.
    Best regards
    Ramani Thyagarajan

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Ramani,

      In order to claim PF and Pension dues of the 4 companies, you need to approach every employer and submit PF and pension claim forms manually.

      Please note that UAN came into effect in May 2014.

  120. comment-author

    I am Subhranshu.i worked in a organization for nearly 7 years and that pf is maintained by EPFO. Now I am in a organization which is maintained by trust.i transferred my pf to current job 12 EPFO portal I can see service transferred.i am in job now. Suppose I don’t change job and once become 58 how to apply for pension as this is a trust pf and do I need ask anything from previous employer.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Subhranshu,

      Although PF is transferred to the current employer’s PF trust, you need to ensure that the pension amount is also transferred to your present employer’s PF code which will be maintained by the PF Office. You can approach your current or previous employer to know the status of the pension transfer. If the pension is transferred and added in your current employer’s EPS account, you can apply for pension online upon attaining 58 years of age.

  121. comment-author

    Hello Sir,
    I have worked for a company from 2013 to 2017 as i was unaware applied for form 19 in 2019 which was settled however did not settle my EPS and now when have applied for form 10c it was rejected saying the service less then six months and my age is 41, please guide me thanks in advance…

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Amin,

      Since the reason for rejection did not match the service mentioned by you, I suggest you visit the PF office in person.

      In case you are an active PF subscriber in service, you can apply for a pension transfer from your previous employer to your present employer’s PF account/UAN by submitting the PF transfer form (Form 13).

  122. comment-author

    I transferred my pf from unexempted org with 7 years of job to current organization which is exempted and completed 5 years job EPFO portal I can see service transferred. So to get pension at 58 anything needs to be obtained from previous organization or not required as in portal it says service transferred.


    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Subhranshu,

      Since the past service details are shown against your UAN, it will be added to your account. To be on the safer side, I suggest you obtain Annexure K from your previous employer as proof of PF and pension transfer.

  123. comment-author
    Anil Pratap Singh

    My pensionable salary is 10460 and pension service is 21 years and weightage is 2 years.
    Please let me know my EPS pension amount

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