All you need to know about Employee Provident Fund (EPF)

Managed by the Employee Provident Fund Organisation of India (EPFO), the Employee Provident Fund (EPF) is an employee’s fund wherein the employee and the employer have to contribute an equal pre-decided amount of money which can later be leveraged by the employee.

If you are a salaried employee in India, you already know about the portion of your salary that you do not get in hand. You typically contribute this portion of your salary towards your Employee Provident Fund or EPF account.

Here’s a step by step guide for you to understand all about EPF

What is EPF?

Employee Provident Fund (EPF) is a fund wherein the employee and the employer have to contribute an equal pre-decided amount of money which can later be leveraged by the employee. It is managed by the Employee Provident Fund Organisation of India (EPFO).

EPF applicability

Let’s understand the conditions around which EPF is applicable –

EPF applicability for employers

  1. Any company that has 20 or more employees in total is required by law to deduct EPF.
  2. Subject to certain conditions even organisations with less than 20 employees are applicable.

EPF applicability for employees

  1. Any salaried employee with a monthly income of less than 15,000 INR needs to compulsorily be a member of the EPF.
  2. An employee with a monthly income higher than INR 15,000 (the current prescribed limit) is eligible to become a member of the EPF if he/she gets approval from the Assistant PF Commissioner and employer.
  3. An employee can also choose to opt out of EPF if his/her salary is higher than INR 15,000 and if they have never made any contribution to EPF. This can be done by filling Form 11, which is a self-declaration form provided by the EPFO.

How to login to EPFO Portal?

Most of the services provided by the EPFO can be easily availed online through the EPFO member e-Sewa portal. These services include EPF passbook — viewing and downloading, withdrawing funds, PF account transfers etc.

You can easily avail these services by registering and logging in to the EPFO portal. Login portal for the employee and employer are the same.

Most of the services provided by the EPFO can be easily availed online through the EPFO member e-Sewa portal. These services include EPF passbook — viewing and downloading, withdrawing funds, PF account transfers etc.

You can easily avail these services by registering and logging in to the EPFO portal. UAN is mandatory for EPFO login. If you still haven’t generated nor activated UAN, refer this article for assistance. Follow the steps below to login to your account.

  1. Visit
  2. Enter you UAN number, password and captcha code
  3. Click ‘Sign in’

Check your account statement with EPF passbook

EPF passbook or the UAN passbook is similar to a bank passbook where you can find your account details and statements. You can easily download or print your EPF passbook through EPFO member portal. Follow these easy steps to download or view your EPF passbook.

  1. Go to EPF site index
  2. Click on ‘e-Passbook’
  3. In the opened tab enter your UAN, password, captcha and click ‘Login’
  4. In the succeeding page, you can select the member ID (in case of multiple IDs)
  5. The direct links for Viewing, Downloading the EPF passbook and Viewing claiming status will be available in the page

How to check the EPF Balance?

You can easily check the EPFO balance by viewing or downloading the EPFO passbook as mentioned above. If your number is registered with UAN, here are the other two ways to check the EPFO balance.

  • SMS method

You can easily get your account balance via SMS by sending an SMS to 7738299899 from your registered mobile number. The SMS format is:


Here ENG represents the language preference of the message. UAN notifications are available in 10 languages. English (Default), Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, and Bengali. You can change the language by providing the first three letters of the preferred language. For eg. If you want to get notifications in Hindi, send SMS as; EPFHO UAN HIN

  • Missed call method

If you want to know your account balance and other details, you can easily give a missed call to 011-22901406 from your registered mobile number.

For both these methods, UAN should be linked with KYC such as bank account number, Aadhar number and PAN.

PF withdrawal procedures

PF amount can be withdrawn easily by submitting an online or physical application. For withdrawing the PF amount online, one needs to make sure that the KYC is linked with UAN. This ensures smoother processing and easy withdrawing. You can check both processes in detail here.

How to Claim a Dormant EPF Account?

  1. Go to
  2. Click on ‘Inoperative A/c Helpdesk’. under ‘For Employees’ section
  3. On the opened webpage click on the link ‘(a) First Time User Click Here to Proceed’.
  4. In the next section, describe your problem in the ‘Problem Description’ section
  5. On the next page you need to provide relevant details like EPF no, company name etc. Once this is updated, click ‘Next’.
  6. Enter your KYC data in the next page
  7. Afterwards, click ‘Generate PIN’
  8. PIN will be sent to your mobile number
  9. Verify PIN and click ‘Submit’

Once you submit this, you will receive an SMS with your reference ID. You can log on to the Helpdesk login by entering this reference number and your mobile number. Your request status will be visible on your log in page. A field officer will get in touch with you directly to assist you on the further steps.

How to Withdraw from an Unclaimed EPF Account?

Once you identify your account, withdrawing funds from your unclaimed EPF account is quite simple. Follow these steps to withdraw funds from an unclaimed account

  1. Go to EPFO official portal
  2. Fill up ‘EPF claims form’
  3. Submit this form in person or via post to the nearest EPFO office

How to check EPF claim status

Once you raise a claim request, you can easily track your request status through the membership portal. Follow these steps to check your EPF claim status online.

  • Go to EPFO portal
  • Hover over ‘Our services’ and click on ‘For employee’s’ tab
  • Click on ‘Know your claim status’
  • In the next page enter your UAN
  • In the opened web page enter your state, select the EPF office from the drop-down menu, enter your establishment code and account number.
  • Click ‘Submit’
  • The claim status will be sent via SMS on your UAN registered mobile number.

EPF scheme enrollment process for employers

One can easily enrol an organization to EPF scheme by following the below 4 step process.

Step 1 – Registering the organization

Visit the EPFO unified portal and click on ‘Establishment registration’

Step 2 – Understanding the user manual

Once you complete the first step, you will see the option to download the ‘Instruction manual’. Download it and read it carefully.

Step 3 – Registering the Digital Signature Certificate

DSC registration is a prerequisite to submitting a fresh application. You will find all the details regarding this on the Instruction manual. The registered employers can log in with the Universal Account Number [UAN] and password.

Step 4 – Fill up the employer details

Fill up all the necessary details such as Name, Username, Employer PAN etc as the following step and click ‘Register’. The system will ask you to verify the mobile PIN and activate the verification link afterwards.

EPF contribution

The employee and the employer both have to contribute equally towards the employee provident fund. But what is the amount and how is it calculated? Let us know!


  • EPF is calculated on the salary, where salary = Basic + DA (Dearness Allowance)
  • In private organisations, salary = Basic.
  • The EPF contribution is either 1800 INR per month or 12% of the salary.
  • That means, 12% of your salary goes into your PF account.
  • Your employer needs to contribute 12% too. This 12%, however, is divided into two accounts-
    1. Employee Provident Fund – 3.67%
    2. Employee Pension Scheme – 8.33%
  • Apart from this, the employer needs to pay 1% extra charges –
    1. EDLI, Employee Deposit Linked Insurance (insurance of your EPF and EPS) – 0.5%
    2. EPF administration charges – 0.5%

There are three scenarios on which EPF contribution depends.

Scenario 1 – Employee’s salary is less than 15000INR

Let’s assume the salary is S1, so –

  1. The employee will contribute 12 % of S1.
  2. Whereas, the employer will contribute –
    – 3.67% of S1 to EPF
    – 8.33% of S1 to EPS
    – 0.5% of S1 to EDLI
    – 0.5% of S1 to EPF Admin charges

Scenario 2 – Employee’s salary is more than 15000INR

In case the employer opts for Minimum EPF, then the calculation is not done on the employee’s current salary, rather on the minimum salary – that is – 15000INR.

  1. The employee will contribute 12 % of 15000 = (1800 INR).
  2. Whereas, the employer will contribute –
    – 3.67% of 15000 to EPF
    – 8.33% of 15000 to EPS
    – 0.5% of 15000 to EDLI
    – 0.5% of 15000 to EPF Admin charges

Scenario 3 – Employee’s salary is more than 15000 INR

If the employer opts for Full EPF, and let’s assume the current salary is 30000 INR

  1. The employee will contribute 12% of 30000.
  2. Whereas, the employer has two choices –
    A. The employer can contribute his share total of 12% on the minimum salary of 15000INR.
    B. The employer can contribute his share total of 12% on the employee’s current salary (here, 30,000INR). In this case, the contribution to the EPS will remain 8.33% of 15,000 and the balance above that goes into the EPF.

Now that we know who contributes what into your PF account, let us know about the major benefits you receive –

  1. High Interest – You get an interest rate of 8-9% on your EPF balance. Currently, the interest rate in India is 8.65%. This high rate of interest facilitates your retirement planning.
  2. Exemption from Tax – Your EPF falls under the EEE (Exempt Exempt Exempt) category. That is, the money you invest in EPF, the interest you earn, and the money you withdraw – are all exempted from income tax.
    Note – If you withdraw money in case of emergencies (we’ll talk about it) before a specified period of 5 years then, in that case, you won’t be exempted from tax.
  3. Low Risk – EPF is an extremely low-risk investment. So, it gives you a safe option to invest your money with the added advantage of government backing.
  4. Life Insurance– EPF also acts as life insurance. In case of death of the employee, the corpus goes to the family of the deceased.
  5. Hassle-free– Owing to the UAN (a 12-digit unique number that is given to all PF members), you need to open an EPF account only once and then it can be transferred to your subsequent employers. Accessing an EPF account is absolutely hassle-free.

So many benefits, but what if you want to enjoy your EPF money right now? Well, let’s get into that –

First things first, your EPF balance is meant to be utilized at the time of your retirement and should not be withdrawn casually.

To serve this purpose, there are certain rules attached to withdrawal-

  1. You can withdraw 100% money in case you’ve chosen self-employment or have remained unemployed for more than 2 months. The latter needs to be certified by a gazetted officer.
  2. You can withdraw 75% of your EPF after one month of unemployment.
  3. You can withdraw 100% money from the EPF and EPS account at the time of retirement (58 years of age).
  4. 90% can be withdrawn at the age of 57 years.
  5. Other than that the amount can be withdrawn only in the case of emergencies such as –
    Medical emergency
    House loan repayment
    Renovation of house
    Purchase of land or house
    Marriage or education (Marriage of self/siblings/children)

*All of the above emergency withdrawals are accessible after 5 years (or more) of service wherein you can withdraw up to a certain percentage of your EPF balance.

The EPFO loyalty-cum-life bonus

EPF members who have contributed towards the scheme for more than 20 years, might not be aware of another benefit offered by the EPFO. Known as the loyalty-cum-life bonus, long-standing contributors receive an additional INR 50,000 bonus at the time of retirement.

Furthermore, permanently disabled members who have contributed for less than 20 years are also eligible for this bonus. In other words, members who have contributed for less than 20 years towards the EDLI scheme, but their total contributing years falls short of 20 years due to permanent disability are entitled to the bonus. Here are the details of this bonus:

BasicLoyalty-cum-life benefit
More than INR 10,000INR 50,000
Between INR 5,001-10,000INR 40,000
Up to INR 5,000INR 30,000

Benefits of updating KYC documents on the EPFO portal

Although updating your KYC on EPFO portal is not mandatory, all members can avail certain benefits through this. Here are some of the benefits all the members will get by updating their KYC details.

  • EPF account fund transfer will be faster and easier
  • You can claim withdrawals online
  • SMS updates on PF activation and similar activities
  • If a member withdraws fund before 5 years, a TDS charge of to 34.608% will be levied against the amount. This can be reduced to 10% if the PAN is updated.

Concluding notes – Although EPF deprives you of the ‘high’ in-hand salary, its benefits outpower the ‘so-called con’. It is a beneficial low-risk investment that should only be accessed in case of dire emergencies.


  1. How to withdraw EPF for Covid19 emergencies?
    You need to ensure that your KYC is linked with your UAN before applying.

    • Visit Member e-Sewa portal
    • Login to your account
    • Click on ‘Online services’ and select claim (Form -31, 19,10C and 10D)
    • Check the details on the next page and enter the last 4 digits of your account number
    • Click ‘Proceed for online claim’
    • From the drop-down, select the ‘PF advance (Form 31)
    • Choose the purpose of withdrawal as ‘Outbreak of pandemic (COVID-19)’
    • Enter the amount required, address and upload the scanned copy of the cheque.
    • An OTP will be sent to your registered number verify the OTP to claim your request.
  2. What is the EPF rate for the year 2019-20?
    The EPF interest rate is evaluated every year (financial year) by EPFO board after consulting with the Ministry of finance. The interest rate for 2019-20 is 8.50%.
  3. What are the different types of EPF forms?
    Form NamePurpose
    19EPF Withdrawal
    10CPension withdrawal
    13EPF Transfer
    31Advances/ Withdrawal
    14LIC Policy
    10DPension Application after Retirement
    51FInsurance Claim after Death of a member
    20EPF Withdrawal in case of Death of a member
  4. Do I need to create an account for filing transfer claims?
    Yes, you need to register to the member portal for filing the transfer claim.
  5. Who will receive the retirement benefits in case of a member’s death?
    In case of death of the registered member his/her spouse and children (utmost 2) will receive the benefits
  6. What is the employee’s contribution to EPF?
    Both the employer and employee should contribute 12% of employee’s salary for EPF. 8.33% of the contributed amount is deducted toward pension scheme.
  7. Do I need to create a new EPF account if I change my job?
    No, in case of job change you can apply for account transfer online by submitting Form 13(R).
  8. Can I pay more than 12% share towards EPF?
    Yes, you can contribute more than 12% share towards EPF but the total contribution shouldn’t exceed 15,000 per month.
  9. Can an employer reduce the wages of the employee on account of payment to the EPF?
    No. This is considered as an illegal practice and it is barred under the section 12 of EPF & MP Act 1952.
  10. Is there a restriction in the period of membership for EPF members?
    There is no restriction of period for the membership for the EPF members. A person can continue to contribute to his/her EPF account even after leaving the job. However, if there’s no contribution to the account for 3 consecutive years, the lump sum may stop gaining interest.

Latest updates on EPF

EPFO New Enrolments – 10.05 Lakhs in August Alone

November 18, 2020: Net new enrolments with EPFO ascended to 10.05 lakhs in August from 7.48 lakh in July 2020. The EPFO handles social security funds of employees in the organised and semi-organised sectors in India. The rise in numbers are providing a new perspective on jobs in the formal sector.

According to the payroll data released in May 2020, the net enrolments with the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) had fallen to 5.72 lakh in March 2020 from 10.21 lakh in February. Currently EPFO has more than 6 crore active members who have made at least one-month contribution this year.

EPFO launches WhatsApp Helpline for Subscribers: Personalised and Direct Interaction with EPFO Regional Offices Now Possible

October 16, 2020: Do you have a bone to pick with the EPFO regarding your provident fund? Getting your grievance addressed by the EPFO is now a tad easier, thanks to the WhatsApp helpline service launched by the EPFO.

This initiative, now operational across all 138 EPFO regional offices, aims to quickly address the grievances of PF subscribers by allowing them to interact directly with the regional offices. To raise a grievance, a subscriber has to send a WhatsApp message to the helpline number of the regional office where the subscriber’s PF account is maintained.

Digitalization of PF grievance redressal was started to make subscribers self-reliant and to reduce dependence on intermediaries. The EPFO has equipped each regional office with a dedicated team of experts to ensure speedy redressal of grievances and queries.

This move has been successful so far. Since its launch, as many as 1,64,040 grievances have been redressed via WhatsApp. Furthermore, there has been a 30% drop in the registration of grievances and queries on platforms like Twitter and Facebook. EPFiGMS, EPFO’s online portal for grievances also witnessed a 16% dip.

EDLI Scheme – EPFO Increases Insurance Benefits To ₹7 Lakhs

September 14, 2020: The maximum assurance benefit under the EDLI scheme is increased to ₹7 lakhs from the existing limit 6 lakhs. The Employees Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme (EDLI) scheme is a compulsory insurance cover given to all EPF subscribers. As per the scheme, the nominee will receive up to ₹7 lakh in the event of death of the EPF member due to genuine causes, sickness or accident. All the employees working for organizations covered under the EPF and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952 are eligible for the EDLI scheme.

The insurance amount depends on the salary drawn by the member in the 12 months of employment before the demise. The contribution to the insurance scheme is made by the employer and government, not the employee. The insurance amount under this plan is 30 times the average salary in the 12 months — maximum of 7 lakh.

“Central Board of Trustees, Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) accorded approval for amendment of paragraph 22(3) of Employees’ Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme, 1976 to enhance the maximum assurance benefit to ₹7 lakhs from the present maximum assurance benefit of ₹6 lakhs,” says ministry of labour and employment in a recent statement.

EPFO Subscribers To Receive Interest in Two Instalments?

August 11, 2020: In a note released by the EPFO on 09 September 2020, it was declared that the subscribers of the retirement fund will receive 8.5% interest for the year ended 31 March. Of this 8.5%, 0.35% will come from equity whereas 8.15% will be paid through debt investments.

There is confusion surrounding the nature of the payout; some board members of EPFO spoke of payment in instalments whereas the EPFO — which is controlled by the Ministry of Labour and Employment — said nothing of the staggered payments, but did comment about the recommendation put forth by the central board of trustees on the 8.5% payout.

The Labour and Employment Ministry in their statement said, “It would comprise 8.15% from debt income and the balance 0.35% (gains) from the sale of ETFs (exchange-traded funds), subject to their redemption by 31 December 2020”.

It should be noted that in the declared statement, the ministry did not explain the meaning of the phrase “subject to their redemption”, and whether it means that the 0.35% payout from equity is subject to market risks and the 8.15% payout from debt investments is certain at all.

Employee Provident Fund COVID advances FY21: Rs 8,500 crore disbursed till now

July 30, 2020: The EPFO allowed non-refundable advances from EPF balance for COVID19 relief, earlier this year. The majority of these withdrawals have been made mostly by low-salaried employees, especially those procuring below Rs 15,000 every month, reports a member of the EPFO’s Central Board of Trustees (CBT).

“On an average, nearly Rs 104 crore has been disbursed daily for the purpose of COVID-19 claims since the launch of the advance facility” reports the CBT member.

The current withdrawal conditions permit members to take non-refundable advances or withdraw cash before retirement for specific purposes, for example, a health-related crisis, marriage, advanced education or acquisition of a house, and so forth. Additionally, endorsers who have been unemployed for beyond a month can withdraw up to 75 percent of their EPF savings.

May 13, 2020: To lessen the Covid-19 burden, the Finance Minister in her announcement declared that EPF contributions for employees and employers will be 10% for the next 3 months. This change — from 12% to 10% — by the GOI aims to ease pressure on employers in terms of PF payments and provide more in-hand salary to employees. The liquidity relief of INR 2,500 crore is thought to directly benefit 4.3 crore PF subscribers and more than 6,500 employers. 

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  1. comment-author

    Hello Sir,

    kindly help me what can i do for withdraw my money, PF total balance is 28+14 = 42K, and i withdraw 30K.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Ajay,

      We suggest that you contact the concerned employer for more clarity about the reason mentioned by EPFO.

  2. comment-author
    Stephen. I

    I worked in a private company for 10 years without proper reason they made me stop working, one year completed they have not given my 2018 and 2019 bonus, graduate, and employer contribution not paid for one and half years, company name newtech fasteners, mahadevapura, Bangalore 48.Please help to get my settlements ,and also they promised they will give the composition.because they removed me from job, now I am job less, lost my parents (expired 2018, 2020).

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Stephen,

      In this case, you can raise a grievance online in order to claim the PF dues along with your employer’s contribution. On the basis of the grievance raised, EPFO will then take action against the employer for non-remittance of dues. As for the Bonus and Gratuity claim, you need to raise the complaint with the Labour Office in Bangalore.

  3. comment-author

    Hi my name is Gangadhar, I was applied for pf July 7th I got sms 21st July pf amount will be credited with in 3 working days but still amount not credited my account. May I know the problem

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Gangadhar,

      By now your bank account would have been credited. If not, you can approach the PF office or can raise an online grievance to know the status of the reason for delay or rejection (if any).

  4. comment-author
    P. S. Ganesan

    How I get UNI Number I worked in jayashanthi matriculation school from 2002 to 2007 in that period I paid pf but I still I don’t get my pf money how can I get my pf money?

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi P.S. Ganesan,

      UAN is allotted by EPFO during the year 2014. In the above case, since a UAN has not been allotted for the said tenure of employment you need to approach the employer to claim the PF dues. Or you can directly submit the duly filled and attested claim form to the respective PF office for withdrawing the PF dues.

  5. comment-author

    It has been almost 3 years I am working and I have two PF IDs now for different organizations however I transferred the PF from old ID to new one but the pension amount is not transferred and I am not able to withdraw the pension amount as well as it keeps giving me an error.
    Any suggestions?


    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Shivani,

      If you have worked for your previous employer whose PF is maintained under their PF trust and you wish to withdraw the contribution from the current employer then you need to apply for an EPS transfer online. If you’re still facing issues, I suggest you contact the PF office with a screenshot of the error message.

  6. comment-author

    I have uploaded all my kyc details and my employer has verified from his side but my Pan is not yet showing verified in the unified portal. Kindly help me for the further proceedings to withdraw my pf money.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Syed,

      PAN and Aadhaar Card details must match. PAN details are currently accepted on the PF portal. Only when the employer approvals will it reflect as Approved KYC when the employees log in with UAN.

  7. comment-author
    S. Meenakumari

    Really worthful for those who are unaware and being deceived of their working conditions primarily monetary factors. Thanks a lot.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Avinash,

      What you’re talking about is Voluntary Provident Fund (VPF). However, as per the rule the employer does not have to contribute more than 12% towards EPF.

  8. comment-author
    B. Venkata Ramana

    Hi sir.,
    I’m previously worked in IIC TECHNOLOGY LTD, VISAKHAPATNAM with 7.8 years of service. Later i shifted to another company Axis Bank(Quees Corp Ltd) with 4 Months of service.
    Sir., with single UAN no created 2 PF no’s. Closed my present PF A/C in online by applying Form 19, but in this time my previous PF A/C balance not transferred to my present A/C and that was not claimed.
    Sir., In this case i likely to transfer my old PF balance to new PF A/C and again apply for Form 19 and Form 10C is it possible, plz suggest solutions for this.

    Thanks and Regards

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hello B. Venkata,

      Yes, it is possible. You have to apply for an online transfer (previous company to present company). Once the funds are transferred in the PF account, you can claim both PF and Pension accumulations.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Sujit,

      Yes, your account is eligible for interest even though the contributions have stopped. However, I suggested you claim the amount or transfer the PF accumulations within three years of leaving the job.

  9. comment-author

    My pf request has rejected, rejection reason they mentioned my name not printed in canceled cheque copy. Is it mantatory on cheque.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Ashrafali,

      It is mandatory that the scanned copy of the cancelled cheque leaf has your name printed on it. Alternatively, you can attach a copy of your passbook or bank statement. But keep in mind that your name and bank account details are clearly mentioned.

  10. comment-author

    I am getting error as “Your bank KYC is not digitally signed by employer,cannot proceed. However fews days before i was able to go on claim page and able to submit form. I had also submit complaint to grievances management system but not getting any response..kindly help

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Harsh,

      For the error display message that you have mentioned in your comment, you need to contact your employer for KYC approval. Once approved, the system will allow you to apply for the claim online.

      Since you’re saying that the form is submitted, you need to log into the portal with your UAN to check the claim status.

  11. comment-author
    Sumit naik

    I am unable to login into my UAN account and my cell number changed and my aadhar number doesn’t work. Can you help in the case.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Sampad,

      You can change your mobile number by logging into the EPFO portal. Under “Manage” click on “Contact Details”, enter your number twice, then click on “Get Authorization Pin”, enter the OTP sent to your mobile number and click on “Submit”. Please keep in mind that your mobile number must match the number provided in Aadhaar.

  12. comment-author

    My old PF money not transferred to new company because joining date and exit date overlap. Please help me how to resolve problem.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Nilesh,

      You need to approach the employer and place a request to submit a joint declaration form in order to correct the right date of leaving the previous employer. In case the issue is with regard to the D O J the current employer, then the same form needs to be submitted to the current employer for D O J correction on the PF portal which will enable you to apply for an online PF transfer.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Shivayogi,

      In the case of the member who superannuates on attaining the age of 58 years, and has rendered 20 years pensionable service or more, the pensionable service shall be increased by adding a weightage of 2 years.

  13. comment-author
    Pabitra Banerjee

    Hi…I worked for two companies. I have same UAN but two different passbook. Do I have to transfer the previous comapany’s amount to the latest in order to withdraw the total PF amount ? As discussed with the latest employer they would not receive any request for transfer ( which is to be attested by employer) as the date of exit has been given…I am totally in dark..Do not know what to do…please help

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Pabitra,

      To transfer your PF accumulations from the previous employer to current employer, you need to apply for an online PF transfer by logging into the PF portal with your UAN and password. Once the transfer is processed, and the funds transferred to the current employer’s PF code, you can apply for an online claim.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Pabitra,

      Yes, provided that the employee resigned and his UAN is not mapped to any other employer PF code.

  14. comment-author
    M J Shivayogi

    i did not get loyalty cum life bonus with my retirement benefit. my service is 33 years. i got pf settlement on 24/08/2020

  15. comment-author
    Nalin Kumar Patnaik

    I m a govt employee in Odisha. My basic salary is 67k. Can i opt for epf. If yes, what is the process for enrolling in epf. Can i contribute 12% of my pay in epf and the same matching amount is to be borne by govt. Please clarify and guide me how to enroll myself.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Nalin,

      Government employees are covered under GPF and you would be already covered under the said scheme. Suggest you contact your HR department to get more clarity.

  16. comment-author
    Nalin Patnaik

    I m working under odisha govt and getting basic pay of 67k. Can i enroll in epf. What will be my share and employer share. Please guide me about the procedure.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Nalin,

      Since you are a government employee, I suggest you contact your employer or the office HR for clarification.

  17. comment-author
    Kesh thapa

    my self Kesh sir is it possible to withdraw pension fund from EPF if yes so what is process bcz I am native from nepal and after 60 is it not possible to do up and down for pension from nepal to india our traveling cost is more than pension amount .
    So please suggest …

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Kesh,

      To address your query, I need to know: the total service rendered by you, details of employment such as Date of Joining, date of leaving and your date of birth.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Kashyap,

      You need to submit an online claim request on the EPFO portal after logging in with your UAN and password.

  18. comment-author
    Swaraj Kumar R

    Dear sir/Madam,

    I have worked a registered Ho North Delhi company for 9months suddenly without prior notice the company been shut down am unable to withdraw it transfer my hard-earned money been struck have sent papers no action been taken got a call from PF when raised a grievance said it’s not possible, I have almost 40000 plus rs ii n the PF account kindly advise what to do

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Swaraj,

      If you are working now, then you can apply for an online transfer. In case you’re not working and provided that the Date of Leaving the service is reported, you can submit an online claim to withdraw your PF and pension dues.

  19. comment-author


    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Muazzam,

      PF Advance will be settled on the basis on the genuine reason that you have mentioned. The amount settled is based on the reason quoted while applying for a PF Advance.

      In your case, you can approach the PF office either in person or by sending an email to the concerned officer.

  20. comment-author
    Juliet Adaikala Mary

    I’m juliet
    I’m working for the same school past 23 years. I started working as a spinster and my pf name goes by my full name (having 3 names). But after wedding, I’ve started using my husband’s name after Juliet. (2 names)
    My pancard holds the name with my husband’s name… Whereas all other details are with my full 3 names.
    Will it have any problem if I have to withdraw my pf amount?

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Juliet,

      W.r.t PF, your details such as Name, Fathers/Husband’s Name and Date of Birth in PF records should match Aadhaar card details. As long as the details are matching, you will not have any problem withdrawing your PF amount. You can check your details by logging into the EPFO portal with your UAN and password.

  21. comment-author

    I am unable to transfer my account from previous employer to current employer. Moreover I have 3 ID’s. How to convert this into one

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Aruljothi,

      You need to apply for a manual transfer form if you’re facing any challenges while submitting the online transfer request.

      You can initiate the transfer from Company A to Company C and Company B to Company C through employer C.

  22. comment-author
    Vinod Bhaskar Kedar

    I have worked in Pvt firm for 14 years,my pension form was filled by employer,how can I check that pension amount online& can I withdraw that pension amount partly or full before 58 year of age

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Vinod,

      Currently, there is no option available to check the pension amount online as it is the defined benefit.

  23. comment-author

    I want to know why my previous employer is contributing my pf however i had left the job in June month. Recently I received a msg that my account is credited by some amount by my previous employer
    Please help me in this

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Ekks,

      For me to address your concern, I need details such as the date when you quit the previous employer and the actual message received from EPFO.

  24. comment-author

    My advance PF claim has rejected due AMT ZERO
    I do not understand this reason for rejection

    Please give the details for rejection

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Bala,

      Kindly contact the concerned PF office to enquire about rejection. The reason may be due to no contributions for your account or your employer may not be remitting the PF dues.

  25. comment-author

    How to claim pension contribution amount (EPS) I am working 2 company now work 3rd company previous pension amount how to claim not futuring form 10C… How to claim help me…

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Anandh,

      Since you are currently working, you cannot claim your pension amount. You have to apply for a transfer of the pension from your previous company to the current company either online or by submitting a manual transfer form (Form 13).

  26. comment-author
    Shiva Sahai

    In my uan card and on my uan portal my father name shows my all KYC have been also done.
    But still whenever I claim they reject with remark”Father name not updated”
    Please suggest my employer has wind up his business and there is no one in contact.
    I have posted a joint declaration to PF office but still I am not getting any revert please suggest.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Shiva,

      Since you are not in contact, I suggest you visit the PF office and meet the concerned officer in order to update your details and to claim the PF dues.

  27. comment-author
    Vijay SAMUEL

    Dear Sir
    I am vijay, I have worked in two companies. I claimed my PF widthdral they settled only one company amount as it is like excemptions means they kept pf with them and settled only that. Now to widraw previous company I tried it in EPFO portal it shows already claimed. What shall I do to withdraw the previous one. As of now my pension is unclaimed. As am in abroad I didn’t linked mobile and AADAR also. pls help.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Vijay,

      Please mention the details of employment and clarify whether PF is transferred from the previous employer to current employer. If PF has not been transferred and the PF dues of the current company have been claimed, then you need to contact the previous employer to claim your PF dues.

      You also have to link your Aadhaar and Mobile with his UAN in order to claim PF dues online.

  28. comment-author

    My first company (2013-14) had PF. Seconds did not. Third company (2016-17) had PF facility. When I lost my job and I was at home for more than 3 months, I withdrew the amount on the basis on unemployment. Current balance zero (0). Now last company did not had PF registration. My present company promised that their won’t be any PF deductions while joining. Now they are saying, it is mandatory as I had PF A/C. From what I read, if the amount is withdrawn then I’ve to start afresh with PF. Also my salary is above 15,000. So I do not fall under mandatory employee for PF deduction. Can this new company deduct PF?

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Mangirish,

      If you have withdrawn your complete PF dues from your previous employers and have not been a part of PF membership, then you can opt out of PF — by submitting a declaration in Form 11 — since your PF wage in the current company is above INR 15,000.

  29. comment-author
    Shiv Yadav

    I had transfer my previous company PF balance in current company but my Pension amount not transferred,Sir I want to know how can I withdraw or transfer my previous company pension amount in current company

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Shiv,

      If your previous company has maintained its PF accumulations with the EPF Organization, then the pension will also get transferred along with PF. Moreover, it will be counted as part of service history but the amount will not reflect in your e-passbook unlike the PF amount as the pension benefit is based on service/tenure and not on the actual contribution.

  30. comment-author
    Pankaj Kumar

    My name is pankaj kumar
    I have worked a restaurant 9 years
    They are not updating my date of exit in of account how can I claim my all of balanced

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Pankaj,

      EPFO has enabled the option for employees to update the date of exit on the EPFO portal, which you can access by logging in with your UAN and password. You can report your date of exit that you have mentioned to claim your PF dues.

  31. comment-author
    Asifur Rasheed Khan

    Sir, I am getting some calls to complete KYC from the bank but as i have met with an accident i am not able to go for it. Pls advice what should i do?

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Asifur,

      You first need to log into EPFO portal and complete your KYC. Once done, you can go ahead and share the screenshots of the KYC you just did with your employer for their approval.

  32. comment-author

    Hi I’m kamaraj I applied current company form 19 & previous company form 13 fund transfer same form 19 settled first for current company amount..and form 13 transfer after 3days.i can’t withdraw my form 13 amount..
    What can I do…

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Kamaraj,

      Since the transfer is from Company ‘A’ to Company ‘B’, after claiming PF dues from Company ‘B’, you need to submit the physical claim form to get your PF dues and the amount transferred from Company ‘A’, along with a cover letter addressed to the PF Commissioner.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Pari,

      EPF contribution for both employee and employer is calculated on the basis of your BASIC+DA i.e. 12% of BASIC + DA. This amount (BASIC + DA) is capped at INR 15,000. In other words, if your BASIC + DA exceeds INR 15,000 the maximum EPF contribution will not exceed INR 1,250. However, if your BASIC + DA falls below INR15,000 then the capping doesn’t apply and the contributions are calculated accordingly.

      Of the 12% contributed by the employer, 8.33% of BASIC + DA is diverted towards PF and the remaining 3.67% goes towards EPS.

      Please follow the aforementioned mode of calculation, check your monthly contributions, and report discrepancies (if any) to your employer.

  33. comment-author
    Pritam manure

    Helllo sir ,
    My name is Pritam I was working in one company in that company they created my pf account and I left that company now and they have deactivated my UAN how can I see ny exit date on UAN and will it cause problem to me on my next job ???

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Pritam,

      UAN cannot be deactivated. You need to continue with the existing UAN even while moving from one employer to another.

      Date of leaving service can be reported without the help of the employer. But you need to log into the EPFO portal with your UAN and password.

  34. comment-author

    Hi sir, please confirm that i claimed my PF amount two times for health issue. How many times i can withdraw in future.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Nandha,

      On illness grounds, PF advance can be claimed once during employment — for self and once for family members.

  35. comment-author
    Kuldeep Kumar srivastava

    Hi Rishabh Sir,

    My PF withdrawal request is getting reject every time because of FORM 11, which my previous employer has not submitted in EPFO office. Now I am not employee of previous company so they are not supporting me also. Kindly suggest me what can i do in this scenario.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Kuldeep,

      It looks like the issue is regarding the contribution towards EPS. You will not be eligible for EPS contribution on the account that the PF wages will be above INR 15,000. In this case, the issue can be addressed only by the employer who has to furnish certain details to the EPFO. So, I suggest you contact your previous employer.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Shagun,

      In order to address the issue, you need to contact your employer with the error that you’re getting while applying for an online transfer.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Bitu,

      Date of exit cannot be edited or deleted, neither by the employee nor by the employer. It can be done only by the EPFO if all valid supporting documents are present.

  36. comment-author
    Gaikwad Ajay Kumar

    Hi sir iam Gaikwad Ajay Kumar working in Bajaj electronics sir my problem is the salary is created in account but pf message is not coming sir because that company are doing late update they are doing dealy work the salary is created in account and message is coming after 1month sir

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Ajay,

      EPFO has enabled the option to view the balance in the e-passbook, or through SMS and missed call, so I suggest you use them. You can give a missed call to 011 22901406 from your registered mobile number or SMS EPFOHO to 7738299899.

  37. comment-author
    Gurjinder kaur

    Hi ,
    I worked in previous company IKF in the year 2011 for 6month PF amount was deduction from my account monthly but no UAN number was generated that now company name has been change don’t which name it was now so how can I apply pf only I have employer I’d

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Gurjinder,

      You need to manually fill the PF and Pension claim form with personal and employment details and submit it to your employer for attestation. Post employer’s attestation, the form can be submitted at the PF office which will be accepted since it is non-Aadhaar form.

      Note: UAN was introduced by EPFO during the year 2014.

  38. comment-author
    Jiledar yadav

    Sir mera 10c form bharne me problem aa rahi hai 19 bhar ke mai pf ka paisa nikal liya pension nahi nikal raha hai ye problem bata raha hai kaise samadhan ho please help me.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Jiledar,

      If you have contributions for less than 6 months or more than 10 years, then Form 10C cannot be used to withdraw the funds. In case you do not fall under the aforementioned categories, you either need to contact the employer or the PF office to know the reason.

  39. comment-author
    M m singh

    Hi i am M m employer posted wrong date of exit after my resignation.A joint declaration also submitted to related epfo office by me & my employer in oct 19 but my DOE still not corrected.i also logded two complains & one mail to epfo but no correction done since one year.what can i do.suggest me.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan


      Suggest you visit the PF office in person along with joint declaration form and the acknowledgement for the online grievance that was submitted to correct the date of leaving (service).

  40. comment-author

    I have applied for PF transfer from trust to untrust, as I am not working now, and status is showing pending with previous employer. What should I do. Both my ids have leaving date from the organisations. As trust PF do not have online claim process. So I want to transfer the entire amount to untrust and withdraw the amount.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Debabrata,

      Firstly, you need to get your PF and Pension accumulations transferred from your previous employer’s PF trust to the current employer PF office. Once the transfer is completed, you can apply for online withdrawal of PF and Pension by logging in to the EPFO portal with your UAN and password.

  41. comment-author

    Hi Sir,
    My name is Y.S. Reddy.
    I have opt for the VPF and same is detected from the salary and updating in the Payslips as well, but it’s not reflecting in the my EPF site(passbook), can you please help to guide me.


    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Y.S.Reddy,

      You should contact your employer as some companies do show VPF contributions separately. Having said that, the EPF passbook shows VPF and EPF contributions under the same header. To corroborate VPF contributions, I suggest you compare the two amounts — contribution before you opted for VPF and after.

  42. comment-author

    I am Ravisankar, 60 yrs old. I have applied form10D with 24 years service. I received a number from my PF office at ambattur for the receipt of my application on 8/10/2020. When I will get the pension ? and whether I will get any arrears from my age 58 ?

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan


      You will get your pension dues along with arrears. Since the pension process takes more time, I suggest you visit the PF office in person along with the acknowledgement for the submitted pension form.

  43. comment-author

    To whom so ever it may concern,please let me know how to transfer my PF amount from a Chennai based office. I am from Bangalore,please suggest

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Stanly,

      You can apply for an online transfer with your UAN. The process for filing an online transfer application is available on the EPFO portal. Know more About PF transfer, click here.

  44. comment-author
    Nripendra Kumar

    Respected sir, I lost my job 3/2019 . 28 year complete my service. So I want to fill reduced monthly pension but one option is is scheme certificate I have no any scheme certificate how to get scheme certificate please help me sir.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Nripendra,

      You can opt for a scheme certificate by filing Form 10C and choosing ‘Yes’ in the column “Are you willing to accept scheme certificate”.

      In order to opt for a scheme certificate and to avail reduced pension (considering that you have attained 50 years of age and served for more than 10 years) you can submit the pension form (Form 10D).

  45. comment-author
    Pankaj Pal

    Hii, my father company is not paying him from last 6 months and they had simply closed there gates and not saying any further things about whether they have to come to office or not.In this case can we able to withdraw 100% pf money.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Pankaj,

      You can apply for a PF advance against your UAN through the EPFO portal. Bear in mind that in most cases you can withdraw upto a certain limit (never 100%).

      That said, you can withdraw 100% of both PF and pension if you’re no longer in service and the date of exit is reported against your UAN.

  46. comment-author
    Syeda Nikath Fatima

    I am currently unemployed and wish to withdraw my PF.Andharcarf KYC is completed when checked my PF account, however PAN card is not yet showing as verified due to which I’am unable to withdraw my PF money.kindly guide me what steps needs to be taken further ?

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Syeda,

      You need to contact your employer for the verification of your PAN card. Once verification is completed by the employer you can go ahead with the withdrawal process.

  47. comment-author
    Lalit Sharma

    हरियाणा में जो मानेसर नाम की जगह है वहाँ एक कंपनी में काम किया था उस ठेकेदार का नाम था दिशा सिकयुरीटी एंड मैनपावर लिमिटेड
    नौकरी छोडने की सही तारीख नहीं मालूम सर
    मेरा पीएफ कैसे निकालू सर
    Please help me

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Lalit,

      To claim PF dues, you need to contact your employer to retrieve your date of exit. Alternatively, you can mention your last working day in the company — as the date of exit — on the PF portal.

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