How to transfer PF from the old company?

For an employee, switching jobs is a given. But what about PF accounts? Should the employee transfer the funds or withdraw it? Experts say that transferring PF is wiser than withdrawing as it doesn’t attract tax — here’s why.

Under the EPF scheme, a part of the employee’s salary is reserved for the provident fund. An employee can contribute a minimum of 12% of the Basic or even more towards the PF fund, unlike an employer who cannot contribute more than 12% of the basic salary of the employee towards EPF.

This PF amount, along with interest helps an employee get a lump sum amount during retirement. The process for PF Transfer is seamless and straightforward with UAN (Universal Account Number). The Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) has made provision for employees to transfer EPF from the previous employer to a new employer with ease.

An employee has the option to get the claim attested either by the current employer or the previous employer in the online PF transfer. Once the employee submits the PF transfer form online, the employer will verify, approve and submit the request online through the portal.

Why transfer PF?

An employee need not close the EPF account with the previous employer while switching job, instead can transfer the PF account to the new employer. PF fund is regarded as a safe long-term investment for employees which is backed by the government of India.

Therefore, if an employee is working and wishes to continue working by switching jobs, then it is recommended to make EPF transfer than withdrawing as the PF amount remains as ideal savings for retirement. You can raise your grievances online through a tool called Grievance Management System.

Required documents and information

The information or the documents an employee should keep ready to submit an EPF transfer online include:

  • Revised Form 13
  • Valid Identity Proof (Aadhar, PAN or Driving License)
  • Old and current details of the PF account
  • The registered mobile number provided at the EPFO website should be active.
  • An active UAN in the UAN portal
  • An approved e-KYC from the employer
  • Current employer’s details
  • Establishment Number
  • PF Account Number
  • Bank account details of the salary account

An employee needs to meet the above requirements to proceed with an online claim submission in the EPFO portal. If not then an employee can visit the e-SEWA portal which is managed by the EPFO to seed the KYC and other details required.

Step by step transfer procedure for PF transfer online

Follow the simple steps below to transfer the PF fund quickly:

  • Login to the EPFO portal online using your UAN and password.

provident fund


  • Under the main menu of the home page, click on the ‘online services’ tab and select the option ‘Transfer request.provident fund
  • Now you see a page open with your personal details.

provident fund

  • Verify that your EPF number, date of joining, date of birth and other details are correct, otherwise, your claim will not be processed. 
  • Once you verify your personal details, you need to submit the transfer request for attestation by selecting the previous employer or the current employer option. 
  • Your PF account details of the previous employer would appear on clicking the ‘get details’ tab.
  • Once you fill in the details of your employer and click on submit, an OTP will be generated to your registered mobile number. 
  • Once you receive the OTP, complete the authentication by typing the OTP received in the space provided and click on the ‘submit’ button.
  • Now a self-attested copy of your online PF transfer request can be submitted to the employer you have selected within 10 days of submitting the request in the portal. 
  • Your employer will also get the notification of the PF transfer request online.
  • After verifying the details of the employee, the employer approves the EPF transfer request digitally to the EPFO portal, which will then process the claim.
  • Once it is approved, you can find the PF transferred to your new account with the current employer.
  • You can also track the status of your PF transfer online by clicking on the Track claim status tab under the online services dropdown on the EPFO website using your EPFO member login ID.

provident fund


In any employee’s mid-career, switching jobs between PF registered companies is a usual thing, but to keep an employee’s PF secure choosing to transfer the PF is wiser than withdrawing. Another important note with a tax point of view is that withdrawing PF funds within five years of employment attracts tax.

Your UAN account serves as an umbrella to consolidate all the PF funds lying in different member IDs of your previous jobs into one. The EPFO portal saves you from running to different places to get your own money.


1) Is there a way to know the status of my PF transfer, advance or settlement that has been submitted to the EPF office?

Yes. Members can redirect to the EPFO passbook page, log in with their UAN and password and get all the information regarding the status.

2) Is the EPFO member intimated about the PF transfer affected?

Members can request a copy of the Transfer Certificate (Annexure-K) — issued to the transferee PF Trust or the Regional P.F. Commissioner/P.F. Trust — giving full details of the transfer from the EPF office.

3) Does a member have to be enrolled under EPFO all over again in the case of a transfer between one establishment to another?

The EPFO has to be enrolled as a member under the new employer or establishment and to get the PF funds from the old employer.

4) How are PF funds paid to the EPFO member if accumulations from the past are not transferred on cancellation of exemption?

It is the duty of the local Regional Provident Fund Commissioner (RPFC) to ensure the transfer of cash and securities. The RPFC will also arrange a transfer of the PF dues to the EPFO member.

5) Is there a provision for the transfer of a member’s PF account in case there is a change in establishment?

When changing employers, a member must always get the PF account transferred from the previous employer to the current employer by submitting Form 13(R). Alternatively, the member can also request for a transfer online by logging into the EPFO portal with a valid UAN and password.

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  1. comment-author
    Ranjith C

    Thanks for sharing the detailed process. But I don’t have a current employer and I missed to transfer my PF account while working in the 2nd company. I worked in 2 companies in total, but the first company’s PF account is not linked to UAN created by my 2nd employer. So in EPFO website only one PF account is linked and the other account is not able to be linked. It says “No data found against this Member ID: WHEN checking previous employment details. In service history also it shows only the 2nd company details. So the details of my first company is missing and there is no option to link the old one as I am no longer employed in India right now.
    Is there any way to link my old PF account to my UAN number or transfer it?
    Please let me know if you have some solutions. Thanks in advance.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Ranjith,

      You need to submit the physical PF transfer form (Form 13) through the current employer by filling the details of First employer in Previous Employer Column (Part B) and Current employer details in Part C in order to transfer the PF accumulations to the latest UAN.

  2. comment-author
    Soumili Bhattacharyya

    I have worked for two companies in total ,both were eligible for PF deductions, now I am no more employed.In both the companies I had the same salary account but when I am opening the PF portal online ,only details of the first company is shown.What about the second company can anyone please help.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Soumili,

      PF contributions are made on the basis of the employee’s UAN. Once you move from one company to another and wish to transfer PF accumulations from the previous to the current employer, you need to apply via an online transfer form online. Please note the PF code — with it you can view the PF contributions (made by the current employer and transferred amount) in your e-passbook.

  3. comment-author
    Sachin Majhi

    Hi I have served more than 10 years in a company, after switching to the new company (5 years ago) i have withdrawn the PF (not transferred). In the current company I have EPF, in November I will be 58, Is there any way to be eligible for pension? Please reply

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Sachin,

      To answer your question, I need more clarity about the pension withdrawal. You also need to mention if you served for in the company for more than 10 years and also the status of the scheme certificate. If you have, in fact, worked for more than 10 years then you would be eligible for a monthly pension. To let you know more about the eligibility of pension, you need to provide the date of joining (the service) for the current employer.

  4. comment-author

    What is the process for online transfer from private provident fund trust to EPFO ?
    What if previous employer not cooperating

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Randheer,

      To transfer PF dues from the previous employer’s PF trust to the current employer’s EPFO Account, you need to submit a hard copy of transfer form (Form 13 ) to your present employer. The processed form will then be forwarded to the respective PF trust to process the transfer claim.

      As for the pension, you can submit the online transfer application form online by logging into the EPFO portal with your UAN and password.

      In case if the previous employer is not co-operating, you can file a grievance online by furnishing details of your previous employer along with specifics of your employment.

  5. comment-author
    Avishek K B

    I want to transfer EPF balance to my current employer from prior to previous employer. How can it be possible ? please guide.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Avishek,

      You need to submit the transfer form online by entering the previous employer’s PF account details or you can submit the manual transfer from (Form 13) which must mention the previous employer as Company A and current employer as Company C.

  6. comment-author

    Hi Rishabh,

    I would need to withdraw my PF money partially due to some emergency. Here is the scenario- Previous Co. has majority of funds and its not transferred to new employer though I have common UAN linked to both. Also, the new employer has exempted trust So I am not sure how can I claim to withdraw my money. Do I first need to do a transfer to new employer trust and then raise a withdrawal claim ?

    Thanks in advance !

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Sikandar,

      You need to transfer your PF dues from the previous employer to current employer by submitting a transfer application. Once the transfer is done, you can apply for a PF advance by logging into the EPFO portal with your UAN and password.

  7. comment-author

    I worked with company A for 3 years which had its PF maintainer by EPFO. Then I worked with company B for 2.5 years which had its own trust. Both the accounts are linked to my UAN. Now I am not working anywhere. Can I still transfer my PF from company A to company B so that I do a final withdrawal from company B?
    The company B PF department says that I can’t do that as I have left the job now.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Karanvir,

      You can apply for a PF transfer online — from Company A to Company B. If the system doesn’t allow to an online transfer or returns an error, then you can submit the manual transfer form (Form 13) to transfer the PF dues from Company A to Company B.

  8. comment-author

    Ranjan Ji, After transferring from old PF to New PF account, How much amount I can withdraw? Is there any limitation for this?

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Gaurav,

      Withdrawal of PF funds is only possible after resignation. Upon resignation, the employee can withdraw the complete amount after a waiting period.

  9. comment-author
    Shibu K T

    I worked for Kingfisher Airlines from 2008 to 2012.I could not update my KYC details (Adhar and Bank Account number). Now I am asked to get my employer approval to update my KYC.Now how can I get my employer approval as Kingfisher Airlines has not been in operation since 2012?

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Shibu,

      In this case, you will not have been allotted a UAN. And without it you cannot perform KYC. If you want to opt for PF and Pension withdrawal, then you can apply by submitting the physical claim form along with a cover letter. Also enclose a copy of your Aadhaar card, PAN card or Form 15G and bank passbook. All the documents need to be attested by your bank’s manager.

  10. comment-author

    Hi Sir, I have worked for three companies. I have transferred the first pf to new employer. And when I have claimed for the second pf to transfer to new employer. It shows rejected and the reason was ” Submit online form 13 with previous pf account number instead of new one”. I can’t understand the reason. Please tell me what to do?

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Ajeet,

      While submitting a request for PF transfer online from Employer ‘C’, you need to mention Employer ‘B’s PF account details. Please note that an online transfer application has to be filed in order to transfer PF accumulations from Employer B to C.

  11. comment-author
    Vijay kumar

    Hello sir
    I have initiated the transfer of PF from my previous company A to current company B.However in the portal I clicked to initiate transfer from A.A being my previous company is unresponsive.I am trying to change the request to initiate transfer from B but the UAN portal doesn’t allow.It says transfer request in progress.How can I initiate transfer request from company B instead of Company A.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Vijay,

      Since transfer is already submitted and unless it is rejected, you cannot resubmit the transfer form online.

      Once the online transfer approval is done by Company A through DSC, it will redirect to respective EPFO to complete the transfer process.

  12. comment-author
    Naval kishore singh

    Hi seek hello in below issue. My previous employer had PF under trust. And new organisation has PF count with RPFC. Now my old company has done neft in RPFC and have provided Annexure k to me to be given to my present organisation.
    My present organisation has not been able to get that money reconciled in last 2 years. Now they have done my lay-off. Can I go for stay if same till the time I get my money transferred in my epf account with new organisation which is with RPFC.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Naval,

      Once you place a request for a transfer from your previous employer’s PF trust to the current employer’s PF office, it will be processed. You can view the details of the transfer from the old employer to the new in your e-passbook. If it’s not reflecting, you can approach your current employer’s PF office with the Annexure K issued by the PF trust.

  13. comment-author
    Logesh Kumar

    What happens if we submit a request online and didn’t send self attested copy to Previous employer (that I selected) within 10 days? Claim gets rejected or it will be in waiting state for ever.
    Note: I intended to select Current employer but forgot to change default option. Previous employer doesn’t have office now so not sure whether I’ll get approval.

  14. comment-author

    I worked with two companies before A and B. Now I am working with company C. When I joined company C I requested pf transfer from B to C. It got approved and my pf transferred successfully. Later I realised that company A pf wasn’t transferred. So I requested pf transfer from A to B instead of C. That request also approved and pf got transferred. Now my. PF amt is in B. Now it us not allowing me raise transfer request from B to C as this was already done.
    Could you please help me how can I get pf transfer from B to C?

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan


      You have to submit the manual transfer from in order to transfer Company A’s accumulations ( currently at Company B) to Company C. To do this, enclose a clarification letter along with manual transfer form (Form 13). This manual form needs to be submitted at Company B’s PF office.

  15. comment-author
    Sathish Kumar

    Hi Rishabh,
    I transferred my old company pf amount to new employer. The new employer has it’s own trust . After transfer request approval I’m unable to claim amount it’s telling that ” as your establishment is exempted in pf , please submit your withdrawal case to concerned trust”
    Please help on this how to claim amount on-line.

    Thanks in advance

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Satish,

      Since the current employer maintains PF with their trust, you need to connect with your HR Department to claim the PF amount.

  16. comment-author

    Hi Rishabh,
    Hope you are doing well. I have a query regarding my PF withdrawal case for which I need guidance from your side. I recently decided to get my pf amount from employer previous to current employer. I looked in EPFO portal & since there was no option available for withdrawal I initiated transfer request. Accordingly I got a message from EPFO for successful transfer to the current employer establishment code. But when approached current employer staff on this, they are not replying or assisting at all(As i have a legal dispute running with current company). I approached regional PF office for this – they said I need to ask for “Annex K” form from previous employer and raise a grievance with current establishment code firm. I am little confused to download it or request to release it from previous employer and what is the way to raise grievance (in return/online mode) ? Please suggest

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Saurabh,

      On the basis of the message from EPFO on successful transfer, you can check the details of the transfer that was received from the previous employer by downloading the current employer’s e-passbook. If the transfer and the amount reflect in the e-passbook, you can proceed by submitting an online claim form to withdraw your complete PF and Pension dues.

      If you want to raise any grievance, you can do so in the link given below:

  17. comment-author
    Ramakant Pujare

    Hi Sir,I have transferred my pf from previous company account to current company. Both companies have different uan and different pf accounts but same bank account. Now I want to withdraw some money from current account for covid emergency but it is showing that ur bank account is attached to another pf account. So how can I withdraw money, is my old account will close ,if yes then how many days require to close the same?

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Ramakant,

      Since you already transferred your PF from the previous employer’s PF account to the current employer’s PF account, you need to upload your latest bank account details for your current UAN as part of the KYC process. Post employer’s approval, you can apply for online withdrawal of the dues.

  18. comment-author
    Paresh Gupta

    I have submitted online transfer request via present employer from 1 UAn to 2ns UAN (the new employer alloted a new UAN to me). Will my current employment data will be shared by previous employer? I updated the DOE in old UAN (and verified via OTP). The previous employer had malafide intentions.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Paresh,

      The details of both the current and previous employer will be visible to both the employers while approving the transfer form online using a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC).

  19. comment-author
    shiva kumar

    hi Rishabh,

    I worked for a company from 2010 to 2012. From 2012 to current i am working in current company. The previous company has initiated the PF transfer and i received in my Current PF account. The EPS, has not been transferred to my current account. When checked with Pf officer, they are telling provide annexure K and we will accordingly add to my current account. When i check with previous employer find below is the response.
    “EPS is dealt by EPFO so coordinate with EPFO for the annexure K of pension transfer.
    Kindly note, if you have not initiated Pension transfer then follow the below step.
    You need to fill form 13 and get the same attested by current organization and then submit it to the RPFC office who is your current dealing PF office of your Pension account. They will internally update the database when you submit the attested form 13 from your current employer.
    HCL has no role in this as Pension accumulation happens in the RPFC office for any organization in India.”

    Let me know what should i do now.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Shiva,

      From what I understand by going through your comment, you were employed at an establishment where their PF is maintained with PF trust. And that is why only PF accumulations were transferred. In order to transfer the pension accumulations which were maintained with the PF office, you either need to submit the transfer form online on the EPFO portal by logging in with your UAN and password or submit the manual transfer application form — duly filled and signed — to his current employer for further processing.

  20. comment-author
    Vipin Kumar

    Dear sir – i have 2 account of a company my last account was only for three months and first for 1.5 years . I did a request for a account transfer and now my pension amount is not transferred . I did request for first account to transfer in last account. So what i can do tell me please.

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Vipin,

      In order to avail complete PF and pension dues, you need to transfer both your PF and Pension contributions from the 1st employer to the current employer’s PF account.

      Since you have already requested a transfer, you can withdraw PF and pension dues only after the transfer is completed.

  21. comment-author
    Barun Ghosh

    Hi Rishabh,
    I had worked with a company (my first job) from 10th March 1993 to 25th Aug 2001. While resigning, I had withdrawn my entire PF amount. Soon after I joined another company & since then I am associated with EPFO (almost 19 years now). I would like to know whether my first job’s service years (8 years 5months) will be considered for calculation of pension amount after my retirement, which is almost 8 years from now? If so, how can I include these years of service into my present EPS account?

    1. comment-author
      Rishabh Ranjan

      Hi Barun,

      In order to avail the benefits of being in service for 8 years 5 months, you need to submit the transfer application (Form 13). This essentially transfers the pension contributions of the previous employer to the current employer’s PF account. Once the pension transfer is initiated you will be able to get pension benefits (after adding details of your past service).

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