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A new EPFO member of EPF India is seeded into the EPF India database using Aadhaar details. Except for EPFO corrections of details, there is no need for the EPFO member to revert to the employer after leaving service for the EPF withdrawal procedure.

This also eliminates errors in the date of birth and name details with the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) which has been the source of constant issues in offline mode.

The EPF withdrawal procedure, partial withdrawal procedure or full PF withdrawal can be done offline by presenting your claim form or through the EPFO portal also known as the e-SEWA portal. The offline process needs the approval of the employer and the RPFO and generally takes time to process.

The EPF online withdrawal procedure
The EPF online withdrawal procedure is very similar to net banking. You will, however, need to fill the PF withdrawal form online and have your 12-digit UAN-Universal Account Number handy.

  • Visit the UAN member portal


  • In the EPFO Member Account Settings section check if your KYC status shows that your UAN is linked to your Aadhar number. To do this go to the “Manage’’ tab of the KYC section and give consent to UIDAI to share your information with the EPFO. This authentication replaces the employer’s approval requirement for EPF withdrawal procedure
  • Use the EPFO member portal tab for ‘EPF- Claim (Forms-31, 10C,19) and click on it.
  • Authenticate your claim using your Aadhar number. Enter the OTP received on your registered phone number with the Aadhaar card.
  • Once authenticated you can fill the EPF withdrawal claim form and submit it online.
    A confirmation of your EPF claim form is provided in PDF format from the EPFO member portal.

Online services failure causes

Here are some important reasons why online EPF withdrawal services fail.

  1. If the bank account you wish the pf amount to be credited is different from the bank account registered with the EPFO, you will need to link your present bank account through your employer before attempting the EPF withdrawal procedure online.
  2. Your UAN portal and registered Aadhar mobile number should be the same and in service as you will receive the authentication number on that number only. If the number is no longer in service, change your mobile number on the Aadhar database first.
  3. Ensure your EPFO database or the UAN member portal contains the exact same details as the Aadhar database. If not you will have to do the EPF process of withdrawal in the offline mode.

How to check EPFO claim status online:

You can follow an easy 4-step process to check the EPFO claim status.

  1. Visit the UAN member portal.
  2. Log in to the UAN portal with UAN number and password.
  3. Go to the EPFO online services section by clicking on the tab.
  4. Click on the EPF status link provided under this section to do an EPFO claim status check. It provides you with the information on your EPF withdrawal without the entry of any further details.


You can use the above UAN portal method for EPF transfers, PF withdrawal, check the withdrawal procedure for the corpus amount of your retirement benefits from the provident fund while periodically checking your details and EPFO portal account status online. After all, it is funds that are helpful to you when providence does not smile on you.

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