7 Best Relieving Letter Templates

Job relieving letter formats evidently highlights this document’s significance. Most employers ask for this letter from the new joinees before finalizing their employment.  If you don’t provide this letter to your employee, their stint with your company might not be taken seriously by their new employer.

The human resource department of an organization issues the relieving letter to an employee who has formally resigned from their position with the company. The relieving letter is a way of formally accepting and acknowledging an employee’s resignation. This formal letter contains specific details regarding the employee’s employment tenure, their employment start and end dates, along with a confirmation that the employee is being/has been relieved from his/her services to the company.

Let us learn more about this letter and check out different job relieving letter formats.

Significance of a relieving letter

A relieving letter serves a specific objective. There is a reason why an employer issues it to an employee. Simply put, the relieving letter acts as the documented proof explaining that a particular employee has fulfilled all the duties and responsibilities with the company during their employment term with the company.

Job relieving letter formats evidently highlights this document’s significance. Most employers ask for this letter from the new joinees before finalizing their employment. If you don’t provide this letter to your employee, their stint with your company might not be taken seriously by their new employer.

Before extending a job offer letter to your candidates, you can use their relieving letter to verify the information provided by them. For instance, it can be used to verify the details provided in the resumé or the responses given during the interview.

What information should you include in the relieving letter?

An employer must be aware of all the information needed in an effective job relieving letter. Therefore, if you are about to create a job relieving letter format in Word or other applications/software, you should know what information you must include in this document. A relieving letter must include:

Details of the employee

This forms the most critical component, as most employers seek to verify this information in a relieving letter. Therefore, you should include appropriate information about the resigning employee, such as:

  • Employee’s full name
  • Job title held by the employee
  • Start date and end date of their employment with the firm

Details of the company

You must also include information about your company to bring more credibility to the relieving letter. The employer and/or company details should include:

  • Company’s full name
  • Full corporate address
  • Company contact information
  • Date of issuing the relieving letter

This information is important and must not be excluded from the letter.

Employee conduct

In this section, you can cover relevant information about the employee, including his/her roles and responsibilities in your company. Also mention the individual’s contribution, the challenges faced and the solutions they provided during their stint in your organization. The information you provide here will impact the employee’s new employment seeking chances positively.

Employee resignation date

This information explains the exact date when the employee had tendered his/her resignation, and the notice period served by them. This section is to ensure future employers that the individual is no longer associated with your firm.

A statement of appreciation or thanks for the employee

In this section, you must acknowledge all the work they have done during their tenure as your company’s employee. The best way to do this is by adding a Statement of Appreciation or Thanks to the employee. It will indicate that he/she will be an asset to the new company/employer as well. This statement, essentially, reflects the positive contribution made by the individual.

Your full name, title and signature

A relieving letter should include your full name, job title and signature. This information guarantees the letter’s authenticity.

Additional note: Since the relieving letter is a formal document, one must use formal language only while drafting it.

Additional (important) points to include:

  • The relieving letter must be issued on the company letterhead only.
  • Use the phrase “To Whomsoever It May Concern” while addressing the relieving letter, unless a specific name has been provided by the employee. In that case, mention the full name of the person being addressed.
  • Begin the relieving letter by affirming that the company has accepted the resignation.
  • Keep the language simple and professional.
  • Proofread the contents of the letter for typos or grammatical errors before sending it to print.
  • Ensure that the letter is crisp and mentions only what is needed and nothing more.
  • Handover the letter to your employee with a smile and a word of encouragement; part ways on a positive note.

Below are a variety of relieving letter formats for you to choose from.

Relieving letter sample #1

Subject: Relieving Letter

Dear (employee last name),

This letter is in reference to your resignation letter dated (date), wherein you had requested to resign from the role of (job title), and that you are serving the (duration) notice period. You will be relieved from your services at our organization from (notice period end date).

We, hereby, wish to inform you that we accept your resignation. You will be relieved from your duties, effective from the office closing hours on the day of (notice period end date).

We also confirm that your final settlement with the organization has been completed.

Your contribution to the company and your success is appreciated. We wish you the best for all your future endeavours.

Yours Sincerely,
(Company owner/HR professional’s name)
(Title or designation)

Relieving letter sample #2

Employee Address

Dear (full name),

This Relieving Order refers to your resignation letter submitted on (date). We wish to inform you that we have accepted your resignation. You’re relieved from your services towards (company name) from the closing work hours on (date).

We request you to deposit your company ID as well as other company-owned items you have been using during your tenure with our firm.

All the best for the future.

Warm Regards,
(Company owner/HR professional’s name)
(Company Name)

Relieving letter sample #3


(Employee full name)
(Full address)

Subject: Relieving Letter

Dear (employee name),

This letter is in reference to the resignation letter you submitted, dated (date), stating that (date) would be your last working day. We would like to inform you that your resignation letter has been accepted and you would be relieved from the position of (job title) with (name of company) on (date).

Your final settlement will get processed within the following 45 days.

We highly appreciate your contribution to the company and wish the best for you.

Best Regards,
(name of the HR Manager)
(contact details)

Relieving letter sample #4

(Employee full name)

Subject: Relieving Letter

To Whomsoever It May Concern

We would like to inform you that (employee name) was employed with (company name) as a/an (job title) from (employment start date) to (employment end date). Subsequent to his/her resignation letter dated (resignation letter date), Mr/Ms (employee last name) has been relieved from their duties with effect on (date).

Best wishes for the future!

Yours Sincerely,
(Manager details)
(Company name)

Relieving letter sample #5

(company name)
Date: (DD,MM,YY)

Sub: Employment Relieving letter

Dear (employee name),

You have worked at (company name) from (start date) to (end date) for a duration of (term). In accordance with your employment terms stated in the Employment Agreement dated (agreement date), you will cease to be the firm’s employee by close of day on (last working date).

We would like to inform you that a few of the job obligations under the Employment Agreement would still be effective.

These obligations encompass but do not/may not limit to the following:
1. All work you created and developed during your tenure with the organization is the exclusive proprietary property of (company name). Therefore, all copyright, as well as other proprietary interest, will belong to (company name).
2. You are prohibited from divulging any confidential company information to a third party.
3. You will not submit complaints, statements and write-ups to government departments or share anything negative about the company with the media.

We have cleared the full and final settlement and there are no dues on the company. Also, we acknowledge that we have received all the tools/company property supplied to you. We confirm that all formalities regarding the termination of your employment have been completed.

For queries concerning the above information, please contact the undersigned directly.

Best of luck for the future!

Yours sincerely,
Signed by: (name and designation)
Signed on behalf of (company name)
Signed by (employee name):

Witness 1 – Full name:
Full address:
Witness #2 – Full name:
Full address:

Relieving letter sample #6


Employee Name
Employee Code

Dear (employee name)
Sub: Relieving order/Relieving letter

This is an acknowledgement of your resignation letter dated (date). We wish to inform you that we have accepted your resignation.

We would like to thank you for your association with (company name) during your tenure from (start date) to (end date). You are hereby relieved with effect from (final working date).

All the best for your future endeavours.

Best Regards,
(name and signature)

Relieving letter sample #7


(employee name)
(employee address)

Dear (employee name)

This letter is in reference to the resignation letter you submitted on (date). The management has accepted your resignation.

You were an important part of the company since (employment start date) and you have played an integral role in accomplishing your targets for the organization.

Please make arrangements to receive a Clearance Certificate from the Head of your department that will then be forwarded to the Accounts department to commence final dues settlement.

We are sure your hard work and diligence will find you success in the new company. Your tenure with (company name) ends on (date).

Best of luck!

Best Regards,
Authorized Signatory for (company name)

These are the best relieving letter formats you can use to create your version of the document. Ensure that you make it more formal and include all the important details without grammatical or spelling errors. Finally, remember to end things well with the employee leaving your company.

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