Remote Candidate Experience – Are You Attracting Or Repelling Applicants?

Candidate experience plays a great role in making job seekers choose you over your competitors. A majority of the candidates evaluate the company based on their interview or hiring experience. If your candidate experience is substandard or comparable with your competitors, then it’s time for a change.

Your stand as a potential employer reflects on your candidate experience. The image you create about yourself as a job provider during an interview process speaks volumes about who you are as a potential employer. Even if you fail to impress or express in any one of your hiring processes, it may reflect as a hindrance to gain or retain top talent.

In this rapidly changing environment where remote work has become a norm, it’s crucial that your hiring intentions and candidate experience are positive. . Here’s how you can improve your candidate experience and shift to remote hiring seamlessly.

Why Is Candidate Experience Relevant?

Each individual from your hiring team plays a significant role in making a fruitful experience for the candidate. How recruiters speak with prospects-pre, post and during the interview process-shapes their impression of your organization. Your candidate experience is a fundamental aspect of your brand image, which is the reason you must assess every communication. Ask yourself, “Are we distinctively passing on everything the candidate has to know, in a way that is useful?” If the response is no, your candidate experience could be improved.

A positive or negative candidate experience can significantly affect your capacity to enrol top candidates and talent. If your company is known to be disinterested and towards candidates, it will be hard to find professionals who are willing to go ahead with your hiring process.

Evaluate Candidate Experience

Before you begin your remote hiring procedure, evaluate your present candidate experience. Cautiously assess each touchpoint you have with candidates to consider whether it will be a test to move online potentially or whether it could be improved in any other manner.

Remove all the clutter from your career page to start with and optimize mobile experience to ensure all the recruitment stages can be easily accessed via mobile devices. Instruct all the touchpoints to be friendly and kind towards the applicants. Excuses may seem intolerable, but don’t forget to provide assistance and help to those in need.

Communication Should Be Clear

Clear communication is the key to happy candidate experiences. Frequent updates and timely responses immensely affect the acceptance rate of the selected candidates, because they’ll feel more important and connected. Update candidates on the hiring process during the first call/video itself, including next steps and any foreseen delays from your end.

Go the extra mile by giving candidates a review of the employing cycle in advance. This assists candidates with setting practical desires and appeases any remote concerns. It’s a beneficial effort: a recent survey by Glassdoor stated that 83 percent of job seekers accept the candidate experience would be better if employers gave an overview of the process in advance.

Video Interviews Should Be Done Right

To guarantee video interviews are successful, invest in the right tools and train your hiring team on how to use them. This will set them up to advance beyond and rapidly investigate any specialized issues that may emerge. Furthermore, notify your candidates early so that they get to try out and get comfortable with the tools or software. Moreover, complete knowledge about the platform will help candidates go into the discussion with confidence.

Showcase Your Company Culture

Your organizational culture is a fundamental aspect of your Employee Value Proposition (EVP). EVP can be defined as the balance of the compensations and benefits that are obtained by employees in return for their performance. Majority of the employees state it’s a higher priority than pay. Besides, the chance to get a feeling of your company culture during an on-site interview is a vital aspect of the candidate experience. Try to feature your company culture all through the whole conference to give candidates a positive experience. Even kind words or a passive joke inbetween the interview does matter.

Feedback Is Mandatory

The candidates who did not make it to the next level of the interview have the right to know why. Provide expert criticism so they can proceed on their pursuit of employment with certainty. Doing so sets up your stand for being a sympathetic business who esteems its kin, which at last charms top talents to you: candidates are multiple times bound to apply to a vacant position later on whenever offered valuable input during the initial application measure.

Make use of your industry knowledge to furnish candidates with valuable information about their performance. They’ll value your knowledge and feel better with your choice once they comprehend their territories for growth. Make sure to incorporate positive input and feature a portion of their qualities. Treat candidates as you would an employee and they’ll spread the word about the positive hiring experience. Create a google form or make use of any feedback software or website to collect anonymous feedback from all the applicants. Measure your progress from the first day itself and try to improve as you move forward.

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