The OLXPeople Response To Covid-19

How We’ve Kept Calm and Carried On

As the current COVID-19 crisis grows, at OLX People, we’re doing the best we can to keep our employees safe while also limiting the disruptions to our day-to-day operations. 

We want to thank our employees and patrons for understanding that every one of us has something to contribute, and the significance of teaming up as a community. Please know that the OLX People family is working each day to provide the best support during this unprecedented time. And it’s been so gratifying to see the response so far.

Today we’re letting the world know about the measures we took to support our community through the change.

Disasters Happen.

We know that. No matter how well we do, life throws curveballs that can put our business at risk. 


Work From Home Ready

Given the industry that we’re in and doing what we do, the work-from-home policy is something that has never been alien to us. The lockdown gave us the perfect opportunity to test the waters. They say that a plan is as only good as its ability to be understood and supported by everyone involved; our plan to go ultra remote from the get-go clicked.

Our WFH policy’s success which kicked off on 18th March 2019 included the following

100+ laptops arranged on rent to facilitate work-from-home.
Support for employees facing network or connectivity issues.
Reimbursement for employees using personal laptops.
Frequent communication from the leadership about the coronavirus situation and WFH policy.

While it has been, more or less, smooth sailing so far, we understood that many of us were facing such a predicament and working remotely for the first time, away from offices and peers. It was therefore extremely crucial for us that our employees didn’t feel isolated; that they’re looked after, cared for, connected and all their concerns addressed at all times.


That’s how we take the wellbeing of our employees. 

What We Did To Ensure It.

Enhanced insurance cover to include COVID-19 cases.
Confidential counselling, legal support and financial information provided to employees through EAP (Employee Assistance Program).
Introduced MyAcademy which is an Online Learning Platform for all employees with 7000+ functional, behavioural & leadership training courses.
Addressed employee’s concerns about job stability, market demand and performance appraisals.
Engaged employees with games, Zumba sessions, virtual connect
Launched APL Online: Engaged employees through online games.

It’s Not Over Till It’s Over

This is (still) a challenging time for us all right now; COVID-19 is impacting everyone around the world, and our part at OLX People is to make sure that our services not only keep working, but also improve with changing times. 

Having said that, we’re closely following all health and safety guidelines and encourage you to do the same.

COVID-19 symptoms: We advise you to immediately take time off, self-isolate, and call Govt. of India helpline 1075 or the state helpline numbers for assistance if even the slightest symptoms (e.g. cough, fever, difficulty breathing).

Mental health: It’s completely natural that you might get stressed over this situation. We encourage you to be there for anyone and talk about their feelings and concerns discreetly. For any guidance on mental health and well-being, you can contact the toll-free number — 08046110007 — set up by the Government of India.

Follow guidelines: Please continue to follow all hygiene & social-distancing measures. 

  • Wash your hands often
  • Maintain social distancing [ at least 1 metre /3 feet ]
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth
  • Cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing
  • Only travel or step out unless absolutely necessary
  • Follow and seek medical care — recommended by W.H.O. and Government of India — immediately if you notice symptoms

Like you, we believe in doing the right thing with compassion, solidarity and empathy. Let’s weather this storm together and keep our global communities safe during these unprecedented times.

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