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Enabling scalability : The Holachef Story

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Enabling scalability : The Holachef Story

Aasaanjobs extends a helping hand to make businesses more scalable.

Executive Summary

Holachef, while shifting to a more scalable setup, had build its own centralised kitchen with the latest food-technology in place, requiring human resource who could work in cold storage too. It is needless to mention that finding employees who would be willing to work at sub-zero temperatures is difficult. Here’s when Aasaanjobs stepped in to source candidates through ingenious ways to enable Holachef to run its new facilities smoothly.

"We were able to initiate and source candidates for a unique requirement from a hitherto untapped source, speaking volumes about the commitment of our team.”

- Siddharth Gupta, Head of Contractual Staffing, Aasaanjobs


Holachef began with a home-chef model where food used be cooked by chefs at their own facility. While it is possible for a home-chef to cook food for 20-30 people at home easily, it is not a scalable set-up. As the business grew, chefs and the brand felt the need for a larger infrastructure to meet the rising demand.

This is when Holachef set up its own centralized kitchen to provide a technology-backed platform to its chefs to cook in large quantities without compromising on taste, quality and variety.

With a large set-up like that, Holachef had a special requirement for human resource to be employed at its kitchen and dispatch centers. Since Holachef had deployed food-technology for maintaining the quality of the food, it required people who could work in cold-storage too. Holachef, realizing the complexity and urgency of the problem outsourced the hiring for this particular role to Aasaanjobs.

How Product Helped

It was tricky at first for us too. In the job marketplace, for the similar compensation that was being offered, any candidate would prefer a job-role they already recognized. After all, how often do you come across people who have a ‘cold storage suit’ for a uniform?

When direct sourcing and digital marketing failed in getting sufficient leads, we started tapping into the rural segment. Under the Rural Urban Integration Program, we offered job seekers from rural areas the opportunity to seek out meaningful employment in urban areas, also helping them in relocation and onboarding. This sourcing medium helped fulfill Holachef’s requirements quickly, while also giving rural candidates the opportunity to relocate to a major urban center like Mumbai.

Results and Summary

Holachef was able to get the perfect candidates for their job requirements –who stayed near the kitchen cum cold storage, were able to work in night shifts while picking up skills on-the-job. The candidates, who got the opportunity to relocate to a major urban city like Mumbai, went beyond the scope of their normal duties, also taking care of kitchen hygiene, inventory count, etc apart from handling food and packaging, enabling Holachef to focus on scaling the operations.

Enabling scalability : The Holachef Story

“We are glad that we reached out to Aasaanjobs to find us the perfect match. Had we not found the suitable staff for such a crucial job, our new model would not have been executed as per the deadlines we had set for ourselves. Needless to say this would have caused us a lot of loss. Thanks to Aaasaanjobs, not only did we find suitable resources; they are highly efficient too!”

- Saurabh Saxena, CEO at Holachef