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Helping GoZefo By Providing Staffing Solutions.

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Executive Summary

The Bengaluru based company GoZefo i.e., Zero Effort Technology gets all the supplies from their counterparts as well as other small businesses and customers then perform a quality check on every product by repairing, refurbishing them to ensure that it is usable. After setting their base in Delhi and Bengaluru, they were planning to expand their services in Mumbai as well. Expanding isn't easy. You need human resources for which we took the responsibility and helped them gain their ground in Mumbai.

Below is the depiction of our relationship with them and how we helped them recruit the right candidates in order for them to upscale.


How it All Started- Temp Staffing

GoZefo were initially looking for candidates who would work on a contractual basis. With this in mind, we organized the First Recruitment Drive in the month of August. Ten days from signing our agreement, we helped them recruit a candidate on  our payroll as an Admin Executive who was hired for basic admin job on an initial pay of Rs 18000 per month. After completing our first closure with them,  days later, we fulfilled one more of their requirements by hiring a Quality Control Manager-Furniture. After quickly settling down with the closures, we hired 10 more candidates as helpers on a fixed payroll of Rs 12500 p.m.

As it stands out, we gave them 15 employees in the first month after which they started growing and with such rate, we needed to up our game by coming up with a strategy which would fulfill all the needs of our client in less time. 

Perceived Challenges

One of the challenges that we faced was when we initiated recruitment of carpenters for them. The reason being, they wanted carpenters on the salary basis which many carpenters disagreed on. We had to first make them aware of the benefits they would get such as ESIC and PF and only after them agreeing on it, we proceeded with their onboarding on a basic pay scale of Rs 18000 per month(in hand).
This is quite a challenge that we still face today, but we, by all means try to hire the relevant candidates in the limited time possible.The first candidate that we hired for them was handed with a responsibility of interviewing all the probable helpers who wished to join GoZefo since he was on our payroll. The process executed by him sending all the CVs to us for further validation of the applicants followed by our employee completing the online onboarding and going there once a month to check all the government related documents like Aadhar Card, PAN card. Post joining, we would then issue offer letters for them and since most of the applicants were from small towns and villages with no bank accounts to their name, we paid them via cheque.

We went ahead with our aggressive approach and conducted another drive in which we recruited 4 QC managers within a month on our payroll since they weren’t able to monitor their helpers . Following this drive, they hired 2 QC managers and later on transferred them on our payroll. So, towards the end of the year i.e., between August and December the number we gave them was 38.


Permanent Staffing.

Due to our previous success, we started working on permanent staffing roles as well and hired a Finance Manager for them which they were desperately looking for. 
Then we started off by conducting a recruitment drive for TV technicians since they weren’t able to get relevant candidates. So, by the end of March we managed to recruit 5 TV technicians on a pay scale ranging in between Rs 18000-Rs25000 per month. This meant them saving a lot of money and time behind getting relevant candidates as they themselves were in a turmoil as they didn't have an Account Manager to manage their finances and payrolls. That's when they approached us on which we gave them the right candidate on our first shot completing their 100% fulfillment rate in the same month.



After taking over permanent staffing, upon conducting the recruitment drives, number of candidates which we provided was growing dramatically. We went on conducting recruitment drives for temp staffing for functional areas including delivery boys, furniture quality manager, quality assurance manager.  The numbers went on from 38 employees in December to 98 employees until March.


But currently we have in all 50 skilled workers on our payroll working for them which hugely includes functional areas like Assnt admin exec, Furniture manager, QC manager, television technician, AC technician, Delivery Manager, Carpenters, Senior Carpenters which is a plus.


Future Perspectives

Having saved a lot of time and money, we gained their trust which later on resulted in them giving us the entire Pan India hiring which included Pan India Manager, City Head, Indirect Taxes Manager.