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Helping Grofers Scale Up

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How Aasaanjobs helped Grofers scale up rapidly in a new location.

Executive Summary

While scaling up, Grofers had to expand its operations across the length and breadth of Mumbai, and do it quickly as well as efficiently. For this, it needed

  1. Around 800 delivery boy, shopper, promoter requirements
  2. Delivery boys had to possess bikes and driving license

This is a story of how Aasaanjobs helped a growing startup scale.

“The volume was crazy. But we always ensured that the supply matched the demand.”

Siddharth Gupta, Head of Contractual Staffing, Aasaanjobs


Since we were still quite new in the market, we wanted to maintain premium service for Grofers, with a lean sourcing team and competition in the market for delivery boys.

A lot of the candidates who would come for an interview did not fit the requirements mentioned in the job description, which we would come to know of only during the compliance stage, when they were asked to furnish their documents.

Apart from this, a lot of candidates, despite having driving licenses, did not possess a bike of their own.

Bulk Hiring Simplified

Over a period of 2 months, we scheduled 7 recruitment drives with stellar responses. One particular day saw almost 100 candidates lined up for delivery boy vacancies.

For the job seekers who did not have bikes, we arranged a financing scheme through which candidates could purchase bikes on EMI’s and personal loans, even second hand ones. For some deserving ones, we ourselves took around 25 bikes on EMI, and ended up ‘creating’ more than 40 delivery boys in the market.

Even though the number of candidates who couldn’t furnish the relevant documents was high initially, our direct sourcing team put in more efforts to filter and direct more relevant candidates to the center. This ensured a high number of candidate selections in the latter half of the hiring process.

Results and Future Plans

Towards the end of the hiring process at the end of 2 months, we were able to source around 278 candidates out which 236 were selected. As a result of our high commitment to the TAT and the assistance provided in helping Grofers scale up, we became one of the 3 premium partners of Grofers.

For Grofers, this meant saving around 23% of the budget that they had allocated for expansion plans in Mumbai, which enabled them to use the budget to effect other business decisions. Aasaanjobs taking care of their payroll and compliance meant that Grofers could focus on their core business, while outsourcing their administrative burden to us.

Helping Grofers Scale Up

“They have shown a sense of innovation in their approach to business in fulfilling our requirement. I have always found the support team to be extremely responsive, conducting all activities transparently.”

- Bhaargav Rengarajan, AVP Grofers