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Aasaanjobs brings 'Hunarr' for Job seekers

Aasaanjobs brings 'Hunarr' for Job seekers

BY ANI • PUBLISHED 11th March, 2016

Recruitment portal for entry level jobs, Aasaanjobs has introduced marketplace that connects training providers to training seekers, Hunarr, which is aimed at addressing the prevailing skill gap between what's available and what the job seekers are looking at.

The portal aims at recommending training avenues that help entry level workers find fulfilling jobs and companies to get proficient employees. The platform was founded in October 2015 and is based out of Mumbai.

Talking about the intention behind launching Hunarr, Dinesh Goel, Co-Founder and CEO, Aasaanjobs said, "We aim to raise the standard of skilling and training in the recruitment sector. The idea is to achieve it through a scalable tech product where course information offered by training institutes will enlist the skills taught, the level of proficiency and other pertinent details."

"The partner institutes have a 'microsite' option which is like owning a real estate in the internet space. Candidates who have difficulty being hired based on their skill gap or preferred job role will also be recommended courses to up their chances at being gainfully employed," added Dinesh.

Hunarr has an extensive list of courses to hone fresh talent in basic computers, accounting, soft skills, IT, vocational training and the like. It has even tied up with ITIs, VTIs and institutes affiliated to government bodies like NSDC and MKCL all across Mumbai.

"A lot of organic registration of training partners has caught on thanks to the high traffic on the Hunarr website," added Dinesh Goel.

Hunarr will aim to suggest training courses that best fit the job seeker's profile. Smart algorithms will effectively fill the need gap and send candidates back into the recruitment industry by adding to their hard and soft skills.

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