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AasaanJobs launches mobile web version for easy job search

AasaanJobs launches mobile web version for easy job search

BY ANI • PUBLISHED 12th May, 2016

New Delhi, May 12 (ANI): AasaanJobs.com, a leading recruitment company for entry-level and mid-level jobs in India has announced the launch of its web version to lighten web traffic and app downloading woes for its users.

The company aims to achieve less than 50 KB within two weeks aided by four engineers, a feat aptly titled Mission 50.
The unique undertaking will enable AasaanJobs to develop a web page that will be extremely light in comparison to other competitors hoping to achieve same kind of web penetration.

Currently, its mobile app is about 700 KB and its skilled team is exploring high level caching mechanisms to load the newly developed web page extremely fast for its customers.

Commenting on the launch, Head of Marketing and PR AasaanJobs, Siddharth Gupta said, "Our target audience has an inertia towards downloading an app, thanks to overpriced mobile data usage options. Also some mobile phones have limited memory and space capacity, therefore unable to download multiple apps."

"To curb such limitations, we are launching our mobile web page which will be extremely light and will load in a blink of an eye, giving users another option to apply for jobs online and enabled by better mobile web usage experience," added Gupta.

AasaanJobs app is currently available only on Android OS smartphones; its mobile web version will ensure larger reach across multiple platforms and OSs with quick loading time, facilitating speedier profile creation and job search services. The first mobile web version will focus on serving the main purpose of applying for jobs and fixing interviews, with other features slated to come up in the future versions.

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