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AasaanJobs to launch its exclusive services in Bengaluru

AasaanJobs to launch its exclusive services in Bengaluru

BY ANI | New Delhi [India] • PUBLISHED 9th September, 2016

India's leading online recruitment marketplace AasaanJobs will soon launch its unique services in Bengaluru, significantly transforming the employment scenario in this metropolis.

The comprehensive platform has already gained prominence among young job aspirants in both Mumbai and Pune, and hopes to achieve similar growth in the Garden city.

The city of Bengaluru, with its thriving job market, is quite popular among the young working age population in India. It regularly witnesses an influx of fresh graduates, who come here in hopes of establishing a long and successful career, and significantly contribute to its economic growth rate.

"We hope to provide these individuals and many more a seamless job search experience. Also, after the launch of Pune earlier this year, we got a good response in the IT and hardware domain and we hope to cover the Bangalore market as well," said VP, Sales and Marketing AasaanJobs, Siddharth Gupta.

AasaanJobs' focused approach and proactive understanding of employer requirements give it a professional edge. It has a verified database and a one-click feedback mechanism that is well integrated with the job seeker's rating, enabling prospective employers to make informed hiring decisions.

Earlier, AasaanJobs had introduced a unique hiring feature called 'The Interview Plan', sourcing only relevant candidates for employers to interview for any entry-level job profile.

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