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Now AasaanJobs’ mobile web version will run on offline internet

Now AasaanJobs’ mobile web version will run on offline internet

BY skilloutlook • PUBLISHED 23rd August, 2016

In a bid to tap into offline internet population, AasaanJobs, one of India’s leading online platform for entry level job search and recruitment, upgrades its mobile web version that works without net connectivity. 

It will now be able to intercept requests with the integration of service worker. The Indian market, especially AasaanJobs’ target audience usually have limited or no access to basic internet facilities, and have to rely on mobile data or WIFI connectivity to access the same. On this back drop, mobile web version that works without net connectivity will provide seamless services to job seekers.

Upgrading its mobile web version, AasaanJobs incorporated Service worker – a script which is run by the browser in the background and has the capability to intercept requests. It holds the key to implement new features like Offline capability, Geofencing, etc. These types of web applications are called Progressive Web Apps.

Through this script, AasaanJobs can intercept and cache requests prior to firing them towards its servers. Doing so enables the platform to serve requests directly through the cache, when the query is repeated. Touted to be the future of web development, service workers can let users access certain features of an online platform even with limited internet connectivity.

Furthermore, most websites load extremely slowly, if no caching is leveraged, whenever a request is sent to the server. Therefore, in order to curb this issue, AasaanJobs ’ offline internet mobile web version is aimed to serve requests from the cache first in order to increase the loading time when working offline.

Commenting on this development, Siddharth Gupta, Head of Marketing & PR, AasaanJobs said, “Inspired by advent of web browsers that revolutionized everything, we launched upgraded AasaanJob’s mobile web version to suit the needs of those users who have limited internet connectivity. We are confident that this development will help increase user penetration within the realm of mobile internet by manifold.”

The company claimed that within a month of its optimized mobile web release, AasaanJobs has witnessed over 110% increase in candidate registration on its platform. Specifically tailored for their target audience of job seekers, the company has also seen a 100% rise in number of candidate applications.

AasaanJobs aims to bring most functionalities of its native app onto the mobile web. Also, it plans to roll out push notifications soon.

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